Building Our Lake House – Part One

We are building a lake our at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Follow along as we share our progress.

I’ve been keeping a secret since last fall and I’ve been about to burst to let the cat out of the bag.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that we have property at Smith Mountain Lake.  After planning, planning, and some more planning, we are now in the process of building a lake […]

Summer Deck Refresh – Welcome Home Summer Tour

Balsam Hill Tuscan Urns on the deck filled with flowers. These are so pretty and look great from the street.

The calendar doesn’t yet say that it is officially summer but for me it feels like summer because yesterday was the last day of school for my students.  Yippee for them!  After two teacher workdays, I’ll be shouting my own Yippee! when my summer break officially begins. Last weekend I spent the majority of Saturday […]

Container Gardening with Monrovia Plants

Container Gardening with Monrovia Plants by

This past weekend I had one goal, to make my deck and patio look nice for summer.  I’m really late planting my containers this year, but I did manage to get them all planted before May was over.  The fun part of getting my deck and patio looking nice for summer was selecting plants for […]

How to Makeover Flower Pots with Paint

Worn flower pots get a makeover with paint.

Earlier this spring I pulled out the pots that I use on my deck for herbs and noticed that they were looking really worn.  These pots are inexpensive ones that I purchased at Dollar General years and years ago.  For $7 pots who have stayed out in the elements for at least eight years, they […]

Tuscan Urn Sneak Peak

Two Balsam Hill Tuscan Urn Planters are going to look great filled with flowers on my deck.

Next week I’m joining 23 blogging friends for a Welcome Home Summer Tour featuring beautiful products from Balsam Hill. Today I’m giving you a sneak peak of the Tuscan Urn Planter Pots that I’ll be filling with flowers for decor on our deck.  It was so exciting to come home from school one afternoon to […]

May 2015 Stitch Fix Review (Fix #24!)

May 2015 Stitch Fix Review by

Sometimes I wonder if Stitch Fix keeps a record of how many “fixes” each customer has received.  I have a feeling that I am one of their top loyal customers as I just received my 24th shipment. I love getting an email letting me know that a “fix” is on the way.  I wasn’t expecting […]

End Table Makeover (Themed Furniture Day)

End Table Makeover with Velvet Finishes Paint...The end result does feel as smooth as velvet. Love this color.

  Another month has passed and it’s time for another round of “Themed Furniture Makeovers”.  Each month a group of friends challenge each other to makeover a piece of furniture with a theme.  This month’s theme is small tables. In February my teacher assistant kindly gave me some of her aunt’s vintage things that other […]

Giveaway! Win $200 Cash + A Runner’s Kit

Win $200 Cash + A Runner's Kit

It’s giveaway time!  In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I joined 11 ladies for the American Odyssey Relay, over two days we ran 200 miles from Gettysburg to Washington, DC.  Being a part of team Bloggin’ & Joggin’ was an experience that I’ll never forget and ranks as one of my favorite […]

Are You Ready for Pitch Perfect 2?

Pitch Perfect2 #pitchperfect2

I enjoy watching movies at home but rarely go to see one in the theater.  Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out May 15 and I want to see it on the big screen.  In fact, just Friday night, my friend Elsie and I discussed going to see it.  You can click on the picture to […]

Smooth Skin with St. Ives® for Spring

Sherman Skulina at Smith Mountain Lake

This past weekend it felt like summer even though it was only the second weekend of May.  After a long week of teaching and tennis, I was more than ready for a day of relaxing at the lake.  (I’m playing on two USTA teams and had four matches this week, two of which started at […]