DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

It’s time for another round of projects from the Power Tool Challenge Team.  Each month we challenge each other to complete a themed project.  This month’s theme is Unconventional.  For my unconventional project, I used pipes to make a DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf.   This is such a fun theme and I can’t wait to […]

DIY Wooden Crates

  Last week when I shared tips for pantry organization, I showed you the DIY wooden crates that Mr. SP and I made to hold Sherman’s medicines, new toys, and treats on a shelf in our pantry.  It’s so nice to now have Sherman’s things contained by these crates and not randomly shoved onto one […]

Tips for Pantry Organization (+ Other Home Organization Ideas)

Have you been working to get your home organized for 2015?  For me it is an ongoing process! My pantry is now as organized as it is going to be and I’d like to share a few tips that work for me for keeping things neat and easy to find.   My pantry wasn’t terribly […]

Where Do You Store Wreaths?

Where do you store your wreaths? Living in a house with small closets and only an attic crawlspace can create storage problems for a couple who likes to collect and also has a lot of hobbies.  I enjoy crafting wreaths for our doors and porch wall but ran our of places to store them.  I […]

Storage Problem Solved

Do you ever have trouble figuring out where to put things when you are organizing?  I certainly do!  We live in a Cape Cod style home and have crawl space attic storage under the eaves of the house that is full to the gills.  I’ve been working hard this week to turn an upstairs bedroom […]

Basement Organization

Many bloggers have listed organization as a goal for 2011.  My house is definitely not as organized as I would like to be, but there are some areas in our house that we’ve come up with systems that work that I thought I’d share. We have a lot of sports equipment: boating stuff, biking stuff, […]