DIY Valentine’s Day Button Heart

Create a button heart to use for Valentine’s Day decor. February is almost here and it’s time to start to think about Valentine’s Day.  We don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day, but we do celebrate it, and I like to add small touches of Valentine’s decor to my home. I used buttons that my […]

Dollar Store Inspired Valentine’s Day Pillows

Decorating for the season and for holidays is one of my favorite past times.  Not only do I enjoy decorating my home, I also like to decorate my porch.  Felt hearts purchased from the dollar store inspired me to make two Valentine’s Day Pillows to use on my enclosed porch. Usually I use drop cloths […]

Red and White Valentine Mantel

It’s just eight more days until Valentine’s Day.  Can you believe it?  This year’s red and white mantel theme started with the chevron wreath that I crafted using dollar store napkins.  I hung it on my door and immediately realized that the wind or the elements would destroy it.  Inside it came where it found […]

Red and White Chevron Wreath

Have you been bitten by the chevron bug?  For a year or more chevron has been the rage yet I still don’t own a thing in that pattern.  I wanted to make a wreath for February that incorporated red and was inspired to make a wreath with a chevron pattern.  The chevron pattern doesn’t stand […]

My Grandmother’s Melt in Your Mouth Cookies

Today I’m sharing a family favorite cookie that brings back so many wonderful memories.  My grandmother was a wonderful cook and baker.  When she came to visit, she would arrive with tin after tin of assorted cookies.  The cookie that we most looked forward to eating wasn’t in a tin, it was in a Russell […]

Valentine Wreath

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you know that I love to make wreaths, especially wreaths for holidays.  My front door has been bare for a good while and a recent few days off from school allowed me time to craft a wreath for Valentine’s Day. A door with a wreath […]

Valentine’s Mantel

I’ve enjoyed sharing three Valentine’s crafts over the past two weeks and am excited to share my finished mantel.  The red candles have a cherry scent that is quite pleasant. I usually find candles a bit strong, but these are quite pleasant. All of the vases are vintage with the exception of the glass votives and the small silver votive. […]

Fabric Covered Cardboard Heart for Valentine’s Day

My Valentine mantel needed one more bit of bling, so I made a fabric covered heart that was nearly free since I had all of the supplies on hand. To make this, I traced a heart on cardboard, cut it out, and then spray painted one side pink to match my fabrics. I coated the […]

Cupcake Liner Heart

After making a Faux Patchwork Heart Wreath to hang over the mantel in my living room, I decided the mantel needed a few more Valentine touches.  A ruffled heart made from cupcake liners filled in an empty space on the mantel perfectly. Making it was easy and in expensive. Supplies: Cardboard Utility Knife Sharpie Cupcake […]

Faux Patchwork Heart Wreath

This weekend was cold and dreary, perfect for crafting.  I had my first round of prolotherapy injections in my back on Thursday and was given orders to rest for four days.  Not being able to exercise over the weekend gave me plenty of time to craft and I enjoyed it so much! Valentine’s Day is […]