Vintage Valentine’s Day Postcards and Cards

I’ve been doing a bit of Valentine’s Day decorating and crafting and pulled out my collection of Vintage Valentine’s Day Postcards and Cards to display in areas around my home. I’m calling these postcards Valentine’s Day postcards, but they all weren’t officially sent for Valentine’s Day, some that I’m sharing are somewhat romantic which fits […]

Vintage Winter Art

It’s time to change fall decor over to Christmas.  I’ve been busy putting fall away and getting out my Christmas things. An area of my family room that I knew needed a change for Christmas was the Vintage Virginia Tech Memorabilia Corner that I shared this fall.  We put our Christmas tree in this area […]

Vintage Virginia Tech Memorabilia

It’s been a while since I shared a Vintage Monday post.  Today’s Vintage Monday is about Vintage Virginia Tech Memorabilia.   I am a Hokie, as was my dad, aunt and uncle.  I’m not a die-hard sports fan like my dad was, or my aunt and uncle still are, but I can’t help but cheer […]

Vintage Monday – Patriotic Decor

Happy 4th of July week!  I hope you are off and doing something fun with your family. For this week’s Vintage Monday, I’m sharing Vintage Patriotic Décor.  My last Vintage Monday post was about Vintage Oyster Tins. If you missed it, you can see it here. 48 Star Flag I love Americana décor and decorated […]

Vintage Monday–Oyster Cans

Welcome to Vintage Monday.  Today’s topic is Vintage Oyster Cans.   My mom used to own a beach cottage and part of her kitchen décor included these oyster cans.  She grouped them on top of her kitchen cabinets along with large shells and mason jars filled with sand and shells.  It was a pretty display […]

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Today’s Vintage Monday features vintage costume jewelry. The pieces that I’m sharing belonged to my grandmother, great-great aunt who raised my grandmother, and my cousin’s grandmother.  I don’t know the age of these pieces but would guess they are from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. I’m starting with this pin and clip earring set because […]

Vintage Monday–1943 Posters

Back in March I shared two 1943 posters that I had framed for our lake house family room.  I had four more posters from the same set framed and I’m sharing them today for Vintage Monday. If you are new here, Vintage Monday is an occasional series where I share vintage things that I’ve inherited […]

Vintage Monday–Easter Decor

Welcome to Vintage Monday!  Today I’m sharing some of my Vintage Easter Décor. If you missed last week, I shared my dad’s 1942 copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  You can see all of my Vintage Monday posts here. Can you believe that Easter is on Sunday?  Even though Easter is later in April […]

Vintage Monday–1942 “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”

Welcome back to another week of Vintage Monday.  I love sharing my vintage items with you.  Today I’m sharing my dad’s 1942 The Tale of Peter Rabbit book. Recent Vintage Monday topics include several farmhouse finds and a unique laundry gadget.  (So glad those are no longer needed.)  You can read all of my Vintage Monday […]

Vintage Monday–Farmhouse Style

Our neighbors are in the process of moving and have been kind enough to share some of their no longer needed vintage things with me.  I love vintage and am more than happy to give their things a home.  What they gave to me is what I’d call farmhouse style. I started Vintage Monday last […]