Vintage Virginia Tech Memorabilia

It’s been a while since I shared a Vintage Monday post.  Today’s Vintage Monday is about Vintage Virginia Tech Memorabilia.   I am a Hokie, as was my dad, aunt and uncle.  I’m not a die-hard sports fan like my dad was, or my aunt and uncle still are, but I can’t help but cheer […]

Vintage Inspired Football Theme Mantel

  I wanted to do something unique for a fall mantel this year.  Vintage football items combined with modern day crafting gave me just the look I wanted.  To be honest, I’m in love with what I created! I used my dad’s 1949 Tudor Tru-Action electric football game as a “wreath” for over the mantel.  […]

School Pride Pillowcase Skirt

It’s football season, the perfect time to flaunt your school colors, and one of my school colors just happens to be orange.  In the middle school where I teach 7th grade, there are many special days where teachers and students dress to support their favorite school.  I love an opportunity to show my Virginia Tech […]