Bathroom Renovation :: Part One

Renovating our upstairs guest bathroom has been on our “to do” list for a long while.  2012 is the year for this project.

Take a look at this tiny bathroom.  House designers in the 1950’s didn’t count bathrooms as spaces deserving much square footage.  This space is small and very difficult to photograph!

The main thing that I disliked in this bath was the floor.  The vinyl’s condition was good, I just didn’t care for the pattern.  However, I did like how easy it was to clean.

Our original plan was to keep the wall tile.  The previous owner installed it and since this bathroom isn’t used often, it’s in like-new condition.  After much debate, we decided that neither of us really liked the tile’s pattern and we agreed that we’d be happier with new, white subway style tile.

The vinyl floor came up quite easily.  I did that project by myself one evening while Mr. SP attended a football party.  (Removing vinyl sounded like more fun to me than watching football!)  A Saturday at home was all we needed to gut the rest of the bathroom.

Removing the tile was fun and relatively easy. 



This bathroom has no ventilation and even with little use, the ceiling paint peels.  We hope to install ventilation as a part of the renovation to prevent this problem in the future.

These areas will be patched and sanded before we paint.

Mr. SP worked hard to get backerboard on the floor so that we’ll be ready to tile once we receive it.

The sink is one of our dilemmas.  If we keep our current sink, we’ll have it sprayed white along with the tub and I’ll possibly make a skirt for it to hide the exposed pipes under it.  On a quick shopping trip to Ferguson, we found this tiny sink and vanity that fits into our small space and we are considering ordering it.  It comes with the mirror but not with the faucet.  It would be nice to have a small bit of storage space in this bath.  Currently there is none other than the medicine cabinet.
photo (9)

For the floor, we picked an old fashioned black and white mosaic.  Our plan for the walls is to use white subway tile.
photo (10)

I’ve been looking for fabric to use for both a shower curtain and valance for a long while and haven’t found exactly what I want.  (If I knew what I want, it might be easier.)  I’ll most likely make a valance using this Pate Meadows design.

It feels so good to finally have a start on this project.  Tiling is next on the list!  (We still need to order it.)


  1. Y’all have been busy! I love seeing a complete redo of a room. Thanks for sharing the before and first step photos!

  2. You are very brave. I have a house full of that tile all the way up the walls (in every imaginable color) and I’m frightened to see what is underneath. It will be beautiful when you’re done…I love the valance!

  3. Hi Paula! Oh, my, you took off the tile yourself? You’re good and I know it’s going to be beautiful! Can’t wait to see it.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  4. Great plan!! You guys work fast. 🙂 I love the tile you picked out, and I think that the vanity is a great idea. Storage is a must in older homes!

  5. Oh, Paula. How I wish you lived closer. Then you could make me, I mean inspire me, or vice versa – to redo my bathroom floors. I can’t wait to see all your redos.

  6. Hurray for you taking off the tile yourself! You look like a pro! I love the flooring you picked out…very retro and popular now. I can’t wait to see how things progress!


  7. GOOD FOR YOU! How exciting!!

    This bathroom reminds me of my house’s bathrooms. Even though our house is relatively new, the bathrooms that go with the bedrooms are not very big. They all have the same black-and-white mosaic tile on the floor and white subway tiles. It’s a nice, clean look, and it goes with lots of different paint colors and fabrics. You’re going to have fun with this!

  8. P.S. Paula–if I were you, I’d keep the old toilet!! Modern low-flow toilets are awful, as far as I’m concerned. And your old one looks great!

  9. You two are amazing! Of course, you got the renovation bug honestly from your mom. I can’t wait to see the next phase.

  10. I love the honeycomb tile you chose!!! Perfect! One of my favorite bathrooms *ever* has that same exact tile. I cannot wait to see your finished bath!

    Ricki Jill

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