Amish Community Cookbook

I am just like my grandmother, I love cookbooks.  Granny used to sit in the evening and read cookbooks just like she was reading a novel.  I do the same thing and love marking recipes that I’d like to try. I recently had the opportunity to review a newly released cookbook, Amish Community Cookbook:  simply […]

2016 Fall Reading List

It’s fall, the perfect time to read a good book.  Now that it is getting dark earlier and earlier each day and it’s cooler, there’s nothing more that I love in the evening than some quiet time with a good book. I’m also reading more because my school starts each day with a ten minute […]

What I’m Reading :: End of Summer

I love summertime reading.  To me, a chair by the pool with a good book is a great way to spend the afternoon.  My days by the pool are over now that I’m back to work, but there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy a good book.  I have two suggestions if you are […]

Summer Reading: Part II

One of my favorite things about summer is having time to read for pleasure.  During the school year I rarely have the energy at night to read anything other than a magazine.  A few weeks ago I did a  summer reading post highlighting a few books that I was looking forward to reading: The Island […]

Book Recommendations

Thanks to all of you who recommended books for me to add to my reading list.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett was the most recommended and will go to the top of my list.  Thanks to Domestic Designer, ritad, Nancy, and Donna for letting me know how much you enjoyed this book. Biscuits are Never […]

What I’m Reading

I have done very little reading since the summer other than blogs and magazines.  I read a book or two while we were on vacation in Vermont, but that’s been about it.  I strained my back a week ago and haven’t been able to run or go to the gym.  I picked up three books […]

Vintage Books

The librarian at our school has been weeding through books, discarding ones that kids never check out.  These books are destined for an auction or maybe even the trash, so I decided to save a few that had interesting covers. Isn’t the vintage artwork on the covers interesting? These will be great to use in […]

Beach Reads

Mr. SP and I leave for the beach on Thursday. Mama and some other family members are already there, but we had to wait to leave because I’m taking a class for school Monday through Wednesday of this week. I treated myself to three new books for the beach. I can’t wait to sit on […]

What I’m Reading

I’m ashamed to admit that this is the second book that I’ve read since January. I have a hard time focusing on a novel in the evening after a hard day at school. I’d much rather flip through a magazine until I doze off to sleep for the night. I bought this book on Saturday […]

Another Weekend is Over

It’s Sunday evening again? How did that happen? Where did the weekend go? Actually it was a very good weekend. By Friday night I was exhausted and came directly home from school and relaxed. I read blogs, and then worked on laundry, cleaned up, and then read my book until I fell asleep on the […]