Welcome to Sweet Pea!

I’m Paula and I started this blog in 2009 as a way to share my projects.  I love to be domestic and think that there’s no better place to be than home.  I enjoy DIY, decorating, crafting, cooking, gardening and being active.

Back in 2009, I named my blog Sweet Pea because I love to garden and my initials were PEA before I got married.  Now I’m PEAS!  

Stitch Fix Review for October 2018 - Absolutely Elli Ribbed Duster Cardigan

My husband and I adopted our sweet Sherman in March of 2013.  He makes a frequent appearance on my blog, usually in my monthly Stitch Fix reviews.

We live in a late 1950’s Cape Cod that my husband purchased before I met him.  During our 25 year marriage, working on our home to improve it has been a constant.

I taught middle school for 26 years and retired in 2017 due to my cancer diagnosisI’m still hanging in there, very grateful for modern medicine and the power of prayer.

My mom was a teacher as was my grandfather and many other relatives.  I think that my love of teaching transfers over to my blog where I enjoy sharing the “how-to” behind projects be it a recipe, craft, or woodworking project.

Having cancer is horrible.  I don’t often mention my cancer on my blog as it is depressing and I try to live like a normal person.  I definitely enjoy every minute of every day!

I love to decorate and especially love to decorate using vintage that I inherited from both of my grandmothers.

Patriotic display with a Coke crate, vintage suitcase, and milk glass vase filled with flags.

My husband and I enjoy completing DIY and woodworking projects together.

We recently added stone veneer to our lake house patio.

Don’t miss the transformation of our unfinished lake house basement into a family room, bathroom, and bedroom.

We made this tennis racket table using tennis rackets that we sourced from thrift shops.  It’s always a conversation piece when people see it in our lake house bedroom.  If you like this project, don’t miss our DIY tennis racket basket.

A DIY projects that I use every single day is a DIY under bed storage drawer.  Our 1950’s home has small closets and not a lot of storage.

I’m glad that you are here!  Feel free to reach out to me by email using [email protected].

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