Tree Removal (Round #2) Aftermath

This summer’s June 29 derecho did a real number on our house, landscape, and lawn.  Our house is back to normal, thank goodness, but our yard is still a mess.  We’ve been waiting on a tree service to remove two trees that could cause future damage before we begin to repair our lawn.  Last week they […]

Storm Damage Repair Progress

It’s been a busy two weeks at our home with several different crews working hard in the intense heat to repair damage caused by the storm on June 29. Recall that we had seven trees fall on our property, one causing damage to our house. Repairs started with the removal of the section of roof […]

Storm Damage Update

It’s been a little over a week since the big storm that caused so much damage rolled through our town and things are looking much brighter for us.  Our power was restored on the evening of July 4, a real relief.  A giant crew out of Ohio worked hard in the relentless heat to bring […]