Get Fit

Working out is one of my favorite hobbies.  My occasional “Fitness Friday” posts are where I share exercises that I’ve found to truly work.  I hope you’ll find one to add to your exercise routine. 

Week One:  Quads, Glutes, Hamstring
Week Five:  The Bridge
Week Six:  Inner Thigh (Adductors)
Week Seven:  Donkey Kicks (Hamstring, Glutes, and Core)
Week Thirteen:  Thigh Exercises from Shape Magazine
Week Seventeen:  Booty Lifter – Part I
Week Eighteen:  Booty Lifter – Part II
Week Twenty-One: Therapy Bands for the Glutes (Glutes, Lower Back)
(Hits a hard to tone spot high in your glute)

Self Magazine Glute Exercises – Firm Your Butt

Week Two:  The Plank
Week Eight:  Tools – Ab Wheel
Week Ten:  Stability Ball Up and Over
Week Eleven:  Ball Pikes
Week Nineteen:  Stomach Toner (Rectus abdominis and  Obliques)
Week Sixteen:  Core Exercises from Shape Magazine
Week Twenty-two:  Bridge ‘N’ Curl
Self Magazine Core Exercises – Tone Your Gut

Week Three:  Triceps
Week Twenty:  Kitchen Tricep Workout

Week Twelve:  Bosu Ball Push-Ups

Week Four:  Easy Way to Tone with Light Weights

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