Longggg Week

Whew! Do you hear my sigh of relief that it’s finally Friday? I am counting down the days until spring break (10 days). People keep asking me if I’m going on a trip. Heck no! I want to spend time at home doing what I want to do.

Nothing exciting at all is going on in my life. Do you ever feel like you don’t have much about which to blog?

One nice thing did happen at school today. I have a girl in my class whose name is the same as a car. I won’t tell you her name, but you can probably guess it. “L” has been the meanest, hatefulest, little winch that I’ve ever had to deal with. I won’t give up on her because I keep hoping that I can somehow make a difference with her. I am constantly giving her pep talks or giving her suggestions to be more lady like and not so rude to people. Usually she tells me, “I ain’t want to be no lady.” When it was time for lunch today, she yelled out, “Mrs. SP, I need to talk to you.” I thought, “Oh no, what now?” She stayed back and asked me for boy advice. We had the nicest conversation about her boyfriend and whether or not she should break up with him or give him another chance. It made my very happy that “L” feels like she can trust me enough to ask for advice. At the beginning of the year that child gave me looks and said things to me that would make some people cry. Maybe there is hope for “L” after all. She definitely has improved since the beginning of the year with her manners. She is much more polite and even says yes and no ma’me when responding to me!

The search is still on for property at the lake. It probably will end up being a waste of time, but it sure is fun to look. We went to the lake last Sunday to look at three lots. The first one is a definite NO. Look how steep the path is! I was scared that I would slip and fall the whole way down. On the way back up, I felt like my nose was really close to the ground.

The lot has a really nice dock that appeared to be fairly new.

The view from the dock wasn’t bad.

The view from the potential house site was not so good, unless you like to look at ratty old trailers.

The next place is a YES in my book. The neighborhood is nice, the lot is gently sloped and wooded, and the view is great. Take a look at the view from the potential dock site. Wouldn’t you like to sit in a chair with something cold in your hand and look at that?

The house site is acually very close to the dock site for this lot. This is the view from the house site.

Keep in mind that we would NOT be building a house on a lot for a very long time. We would only be able to build a dock for the time being.

The third lot that we visited already has a dock. The disadvantage to this dock is that there’s no storage. The lot is an odd shape and the dock is on the very edge of the property. The neighbor’s house is actually on the hill above the dock. From the water, you’d think that this dock goes with the house, but it doesn’t. I noticed a pile of rubble on the lot that just seemed strange to me. Later on, while looking at the plat for the lot, I discovered that the rubble pile is marked on the plat as an outhouse. Mmmm… Is it filled in? Is it filled in with construction crap? I didn’t like the shape of this lot, but I do like the view. I don’t particularly want to live on top of an old outhouse.

It was a beautiful day to drive around and look at property. We may be going back to the lake this weekend to look at some houses that have just been listed. Unfortunately, the weather is not supposed to be nearly as nice this weekend. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Congratulations on your success with “L”. Sounds like you are a great teacher. I am envious of you looking at lake lots. The second one you talked about sounds wonderful! Good Luck and have a great weekend!

  2. Love this story about “L”. Sounds like your a great teacher to take the time/ and not giving up!!

    We have some land with a trailor on it.. the shabin. thought we would tear it down-build new. But as it’s turned out we’re using at is(a few needed improvements) and are having a great time.We still might build..good luck.

  3. Paula, you are such a wonderful role model for this girl. She is a lucky lady to have you.

    And the lake lots look great! We haven’t been down in a while but I’ll be on the lookout for you when we do!

    PS If you want a lot in Water’s Edge, let me know!

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