Bathroom Renovation :: Part Six

A lot of progress was made this week in the bathroom.  The plumber came on Tuesday to finish his work which included installing a one handled faucet to replace our old two handled one and replacing the shower head.  On Friday we had the bathtub resurfaced.  The old paint was removed and it now looks better than new with a fresh coat of white paint.

I took the before pictures Thursday night with some difficulty since the bathroom has no light right now.  You can’t tell from the pictures ,but the tub was an off-white color.  The previous owner had it resurfaced at some time and it always felt a bit sticky to me.

Believe it or not, these pictures were taken after I cleaned the tub.  Since we knew we were having it resurfaced, we weren’t careful when we removed the old tile or during grouting.  Note the shiny new faucet, too!

What an amazing difference!

Mr. SP was able to get the floor installed this weekend.

Countless trips were made up and down two sets of stairs to make all of the necessary cuts.  Look at what a great job he did along the curved edge of the tub.  The vent got a fresh coat of paint this weekend, too.

I had a day off from school last Monday because it snowed and was able to get a good start on a roman shade for the window.  I accidentally bought three dowels instead of four when I shopped on Friday after school so I didn’t get to finish this project this weekend as anticipated.  Once I get the last dowel, I’ll run the string through the holes in the tape and this project is finished.

I went to Home Depot and to a local paint store on Saturday to shop for possible paint colors. 

I think the lighter shade looks better than the darker one when I compare it to my main curtain fabric.  I’d love your opinion on paint color.  Do you like the grey or should I pull another color from the fabric for the walls?

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  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product. We’re seriously thinking about taking out our bathtub that’s probably 50 years old and installing a walk-in shower. Will be so much easier for my MIL and hubby who’s had both knees replaced. Enjoy reading your advise and tidbits 🙂

  2. Amazing job! I can’t wait to see the paint colors and valance completed as well. Very pretty Paula.

  3. I’d go with the light grey paint. My second choice would be a lighter version of the blue of the shade. The grey looks more up-to-date. I know you have to be proud of the progress.

  4. Paula this looks fabulous, I can’t believe the difference in the tun! Mr. SP did a WOW job on the floor. I would vote for the lighter grey for the walls.

  5. Really nice job! I think I like the lighter shade too. It’s closer to the grout around your subway and looks a hair lighter than the gray in your fabric. Bathrooms tend to be a bit dark as it is. The blues and red/rose colors in the fabric are nice but you might tire of those more quickly.

    Stopping by from WoW and newly following. Thanks for sharing your remodel update! (makes me want to do mine over LOL)

  6. It’ll get you revved up in the morning, and ready to kick some serious butt at work. They didn’t need ranch sauce on their greens and they didn’t have cheese on their steaks. One of those diets that have been in the media lately promising immediate results is the paleo diet.

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