Busy Saturday

Saturday was the Star City Half Marathon in Roanoke. I’ve run this race for years and years, but had to skip it last year because of a torn calf muscle. I needed a goal to force myself to run long distances again, so in August I decided that the Star City 1/2 would be it. The course was different this year and I didn’t like it. It was flat and boring. Roanoke just opened a new bike trail that parallels a river. They used that plus Smith Park and one small loop in a pretty neighborhood. The bike path is scenic, but too flat and long. I like hills for a little variety! The course used to wind through some hilly, beautiful neighborhoods full of old, elegant homes. I liked it because of the houses. I guess that would be SW Roanoke. I’ve always thought that if I had to move to Roanoke, I would definitely want to live in one of those neighborhoods. I remember one street had a giant tree growing in the middle of it. I think that tree finally bit the dust.

After the race, I showered at the Roanoke Y and then hit the market. I always buy apples from the same gentleman. He was still there in his same spot. Yeah! I also got some Lotus pods for decorating. Four for $1.00 – what a deal! Hubby spent a little time in The Fret Mill (music store) and then we left Roanoke for Radford. Tech had a game on Saturday, so we took an alternate route to avoid traffic on the interstate. I’m glad we did because the scenery was beautiful.

The nursing home is so depressing. I hate that my grandmother has to live there, but she needs the care. We watched the Tech game with her and then left when she started to nod off.

I made hubby stop by the mall in Roanoke on the way home. It was so crowded that we left after 30 minutes. Lucky hubby!

We ate dinner at Olde Liberty Station restaurant in Bedford on the way home. It is in an old train station. A train passed by during our meal and shook the building!

Today we are going to beautiful Smith Mountain Lake to look at property. Hubby is determined to see how much debt he can get us into!

Back to Roanoke – I hadn’t seen the new art museum under construction. Ummm… I don’t like it! It looks like a space ship. Maybe it will look better when it is completed.


  1. We hate the art museum, too! My kids think it’s a ride from Disney World. By the way, that old tree on Carolina DID bite the dust, but they replaced it with a lovely new one and put up a nice plaque to honor the old one.

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