Project Runway

Tomorrow is Project Runway night! I hope I can stay awake long enough to watch the first episode. Luckily, Bravo repeats each show many times, so I can see what I miss later on. Last season was a great one. I loved everyone in the final four, except Jeffery, and then he ended up winning. I wonder what the first challenge will be? Anyone else ready for a new season?

I think I’m going to like this guy:

I like his fashion must and his do’s and don’ts!

Q & A with

AGE: 38


EDUCATION: University of California at Berkeley with a double degree in Fine Arts and Sociology and Parsons School of design

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander McQueen (For Men)

FASHION MUST: A sugar daddy

1. What fashion DOs and DON’Ts do you live by?
Don’t follow trends
Do show off your tits and ass


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