Project Runway

Tomorrow is Project Runway night! I hope I can stay awake long enough to watch the first episode. Luckily, Bravo repeats each show many times, so I can see what I miss later on. Last season was a great one. I loved everyone in the final four, except Jeffery, and then he ended up winning. I wonder what the first challenge will be? Anyone else ready for a new season?

I think I’m going to like this guy:

I like his fashion must and his do’s and don’ts!

Q & A with

AGE: 38


EDUCATION: University of California at Berkeley with a double degree in Fine Arts and Sociology and Parsons School of design

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander McQueen (For Men)

FASHION MUST: A sugar daddy

1. What fashion DOs and DON’Ts do you live by?
Don’t follow trends
Do show off your tits and ass


  1. Too funny! What if you (er, really, I) have not enough in the tits department and try to hide everything in the ass department?

  2. HH – I think we are in the same boat!

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