Decorating with Garlic

I love to grow garlic. It is so easy and the deer don’t eat it! I plant it in October and harvest it in June. I love the picture above because it looks like the pretty garlic bloom is wearing a hat! I took that photos just before I dug the garlic. I keep all of the pretty flowers because I love the shape of the bloom and they dry so nicely.
Here’s a vase of garlic flowers from June. They’ve now lost some of their purple color, but I have the same arrangement in my living room and it is still pretty.

The garlic blooms dry to brown, kind of like a hydrangea, and are still great for decorating. I put these in this old bucket that my mom gave me. I’m sure my grandfather got it from a school cafeteria in Giles County, VA. It says Elliston on it. My dad had old nails in it. The egg container was my grandmother’s. Her aunt used it to send fresh eggs from Roanoke to her sister in Northern VA.


  1. That is so cool! I’ve never known anyone to grow garlic. Never even thought of it. Think it would grow in the sand? 🙂

  2. Hi Paula. I was researching types of garlic and found your blog. I want to know what kind of garlic I have growing in my back yard and it looks like the type in your picture. Do you know what type it is? Also, I just harvested it and the leaves are almost all brown. I am hanging a bunch in hopes that it will cure and be good for cooking, but am concerned about the quality. Do you know if it will still be good?

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