Saturday’s Events

I love a full day. Yesterday was just like that. I ran, then went to a tennis clinic, then went to a warehouse shoe sale. Look what I got for $17.50 – total! $15.00 for the boots and $2.50 for the shoes. Most of my boots have heels and kill my legs by the end of a long work day standing on my feet on concrete. These lower heels will make my feet and legs much happier.

After the shoe sale I went to a cookie exchange (my first one ever) and then to our neighborhood Christmas party. The cookie exchange was low key, relaxing, and fun. We drank wine or coffee drinks while we chatted. My friend’s home is very inviting and I so much enjoyed sinking into her leather sofa with my wine for a few hours. Our neighborhood has mostly older people, but it is starting to turn. A cute young couple was there who are expecting their first baby and another young couple is moving in diagonal from my house. That house has been empty since summer. I’m so happy that young people bought it.

Today is my soup party, so there’s lots of prep to do for that.


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