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Blog Planning

I’ll have to admit that it’s sometimes a struggle to keep up with making lesson plans for five classes a day at school, commitments after school, and my blog.  I absolutely adore blogging and in the past have kept my blog plans and ideas in my head.  In an effort to be more organized in 2013, I’m going to try using a blog planner.

An Internet, Pinterest, or Etsy search for blog planners will yield all sorts of choices.  I used a blog planner designed by Becky of Infarrantly Creative.  Becky provides calendar pages and week pages with a cute background and also a plain version that can be printed from her blog.  She also has a video that you can watch that explains how she organized her blog planner.

I made my planner a bit more simple than Becky’s.  I copied 12 calendar pages and 26 front and back blog week pages.  I stacked them in this order:  one calendar page and two front/back blog week pages.  I had Staples bind the pages together.

The clear cover had to be moved to the side for a picture of my planner.  January is still pretty empty!  I’ve filled in a few due dates and one post that I’ve already published.

Blog Planner


After the calendar page is my plan for the week.  Becky plans three posts per week and that’s usually all that I can squeeze in if I’m working.  I really like the “To Do” and “Ideas” section.  I’ve never kept track of my statistics, but I may start now that I have a place to record them.  Becky’s idea of choosing a blogger each week to encourage is an idea that I like.

Blog Planner - Each Week


Flipping the page shows the next two weeks of January.

Blog Planner - Weeks


Another flip shows the last week of January and the calendar for February.

Blog Planner - February


Thanks to Becky for sharing her planner pages.  I think I’m really going to enjoy using this organizer.


Do you have a blog planner?  If you do, I’d love to hear any tips that you’ve found useful.

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  1. You are amazing! I have been complaining since September because I have had two back to back long term sub jobs! Big deal next to teaching actual classes all day! This organizer sounds great! Can’t wait to check it out! Keep up the good work! I see what teachers do every day and it’s A LOT of work! Kudos!

  2. Now this is a good idea!! I need to follow your lead and start planning a little bit better.
    Happy Friday!

  3. Sounds like you are getting super organized with your blog for 2013! Right now I am just trying to figure out the best way to plan my days so that I have time to do posts. I really miss the regular interaction with other bloggers!

  4. Such a GREAT idea. I’ve been thinking of how I can better plan for this year and you have certainly helped me out!
    Hope you are having a GREAT Sunday!

  5. Like minds! I’ve put together an organizer for 2013 also. I have great ideas then they go in and out of my head as I get busy with life, or I see a magazine photo that I’d love to copy cat, or I want (need) upcoming post organization so that I have the stuff and photos I need. My organizer is a small 1″ binder with a couple of folders that I can stash photos. The calendar fits on the rings, showing a month at a time and I have a thin notebook for brainstorming/sketching.

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