Free Printable 2021 Calendar

Get organized for 2021 with a free printable 2021 calendar. This free printable isn’t just a calendar, it’s a planner with many helpful pages.

2021 Free Printable Planner - 30+ pages

Free Printable 2021 Calendar and Planner

This helpful planner includes monthly calendar pages and so much more! You can print all of the 30+ pages or print just the pages that work with your lifestyle.

Free Printable 2021 Planner - Cover

2021 Yearly Calendar

I find myself frequently needing to know what day of the week a particular date falls on. This page is going to let me quickly check as I’m working.

Free Printable 2021 Planner - Entire Year Page

Monthly Calendar Pages

There are calendar pages for each month of the year. I will print one copy of these for my personal appointments and another set for my blog.

Free Printable 2021 Planner - January 2021 Calendar Page

Monthly Goals

Get more accomplished each month by setting monthly goals. I love crossing things off of a list as I complete them and I find a list to be extremely motivating.

Along with weekly exercise goals, my January goals will include weekly tasks to get my out of control basement more organized.

Monthly Goals Page in a Free Printable 2021 Planner Pack

Daily Planner

Use this daily planner to organize your day. If you are trying to lose a few holiday pounds, planning your meals at the beginning of each day can help you stay on track with eating nutrient dense foods that are good for you.

Self care is so important! Schedule exercise, meditation, quiet time reading, a massage or a facial.

Free Printable Planner for an Individual Day

Weekly Tasks

Use this page to plan out tasks that you want to accomplish each week.

Free Printable Weekly Tasks Page

Weekly Meal Plan

I am super excited about this page! Meal planning can save you so much money and it doesn’t take a long time to do once you get in the habit.

Free Printable Weekly Meal Plan Page

Grocery List

To go along with the meal planning page, there is a grocery list. I can’t wait to start using this!

Free Printable Grocery List

Also included in the free printable calendar and planner is a Daily Self-Care sheet. I forgot to do a picture of it but it’s included.

How to Access the Free Printable Calendar and Planner

This amazing free printable planner is a perk for my subscribers. If you aren’t a subscriber to my blog, you can subscribe by clicking here.

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive a welcoming email with a password to my free printable library. If you are already a subscriber, the password can be found in any email from me.

If Getting Healthy is a 2021 Goal for You, Don’t miss these printables!

My free printable library includes several printables to help you get healthy.

Free Printable Water Tracker

It is so important to drink water. Use my free printable water tracker to make sure you meet your water drinking goal each day.

Free Printable Fitness and Food Tracker

Check out this post to get my best tips for workout success!

Even though my life has had some major hiccups, I continue to faithfully exercise. It’s a great stress reliever and it’s rewarding to see your body respond when you workout.

Don’t miss my free printable Fitness and Food Tracker. This printable pack includes pages for:

  • Weekly Exercise Log
  • Weekly Food Diary
  • Weekly Calorie and Water Tracker
  • Monthly Weight Log

Print out all of the pages or just the ones that you need to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

I hope that this 2021 planner pack will be helpful to you!


  1. Good morning! I can’t seem to find where to download the 2021 planner. I have the password to the library, but I’m not seeing where I can download that specific planner. Am I missing something simple?

    1. I updated my library and moved the 2021 planner to the top. It was there, just too far down the page to be obvious. Let me know if you need more assistance!


  2. This is awesome, Paula! So pretty too with my favorite color combination. I have always followed you through bloglovin and social media but apparently wasn’t on your email list….I am now. Thank you and happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much for signing up for my email! I am going to go sign up for yours because I’m still not seeing your posts on Bloglovin’ and that’s how I’ve always known that you’ve posted.


      1. Thanks Paula! It’s been months and I still can’t get bloglovin to work consistently. I have contacted every single person I can and no one has been able to help me. They all keep telling me it’s fixed and then I post – and nothing shows up. So frustrating!

        1. Julie from My Wee Abode is also having that problem. Her posts haven’t shown up for me since October. If I ever see you pop up again, I’ll let you know immediately!!


    1. Thank you, Carol! The tips on your latest post will be helpful to anyone who wants to be more organized in 2021.

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