Chili Time of Year!

Going to the Chili Cook-off in Sedalia has become a much anticipated yearly tradition for me and for Mr. SP.  This year the weather turned cold and it tried to snow but it didn’t stop us from tasting chili.
Our friends, Gina and Elsie, went with us.  The foliage in Sedalia was the prettiest that I’ve seen this year.

Look carefully, can you see the snow on the mountain top?

Each competitor provides a small sample of their chili.  Our method is to try each and then go back for seconds for the groups that are our favorites.  Each competitor tries their best to get you to put your “favorite” ticket in their bucket.

Beer and chili go together so well.  I don’t like beer, so I just had chili.

We ate and ate and quickly picked our favorites.

James, a student from last year, was at the cook-off with his family and tasted with us.

I enjoyed the booth decorations as well as the chili tasting.

Elsie and Mr. SP voted for Consolidated Chili Erectors.  We all really liked this one.

They even provided Antacid!

These guys got my vote!

Gina voted for this group.  Note that Grandma is sporting a mustache and she handed out incredible peanut butter balls.

We had so much fun and left with full bellies.  (We had to do our traditional self-portrait!)

We drove home from Sedalia on side roads that are quite scenic.  In the good old days, we traveled these roads by bike.  Maybe that will happen again in 2012!

Spending the day with good friends makes for a most enjoyable Saturday.


  1. I actually laughed so hard about the antacids that I snorted. So funny! I probably would’ve voted for the grandma/man with the peanut butter balls too, just because I love peanut butter balls! Looks like y’all had good time.

    I thought about you when I heard about all the snow. Glad you didn’t get hit hard.

  2. Yeah, I’d have had to vote for the antacid guys even if their chili was bad. Are you going to the Chili and Craft Festival at the lake this weekend?

  3. I’ve yet to go to a chili cookoff, but my friend won a few years ago. Her special addition was olives. I fix mine like that now – yummy. Were you serious about beer and chili? Ewwww. I have to drink milk with mine, not even tea. It looks like it was a great day with your hubby and friends.

  4. This looks like so much fun! It is crazy weather for the fall, but a chili cook sounds perfect. Loving your nails in the one picture πŸ™‚

  5. What a neat festival! And you get to enjoy the best of two worlds, … great food, and great decorations!

    LOVE the scenery! Breathtaking, Beautiful mountains! πŸ™‚

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