Turkey Time!

Halloween is over and it’s time for some of my favorite decorations, turkeys!  I’ve been collecting Thanksgiving things for a number of years and very much enjoy the few short weeks that they will be on display.

Love my Byer Thanksgiving couple, particularly the turkey the man is holding.  Note the stamp on the platter; it originally was a freebie advertisement from a business.

Mama found this giant turkey platter at Buffalo Springs Herb Farm in Raphine.  Sadly it is no longer in business.  She generously added it to my collection.

I found this turkey platter a few years ago on Election Day when we had a teacher workday and I went out for lunch like a normal person.  Instead of eating lunch, I went antiquing and came home with this beauty.  The two turkeys beside it have been with me since the early ‘90’s.

Pilgrims and a cornucopia are a must for Thanksgiving décor.

Mama bought the lidded turkey for me last year in Manteo.  I actually saw it a few months earlier and resisted buying it.  When I opened it, I knew exactly where she found it!

These antique candles are my favorite turkeys.

This plastic platter, a $1.37 Goodwill find, is too big for this spot, but I couldn’t find anywhere else to use it.  I can see it from my sofa when I’m napping at night and it makes me happy.

These old family Thanksgiving postcards have great designs.


Mama also recently surprised me with this turkey flower container.  I’m using it as a remote holder.  The beeswax turkey is locally made and getting old but it still smells fabulous.

My dad’s squirrel nutcracker isn’t just for Thanksgiving, but he’s too fabulous not to show.  Turkey11

I think he looks a bit evil.

Especially when he opens his mouth!

Back to turkeys!  There’s a turkey on my porch.

And finally, I added two beeswax turkeys to my mantle.
I’ll enjoy my turkeys for a few weeks and then it will be time for the big decorating event, Christmas!

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?  The decorations aren’t easy to find!

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  1. Love all these Paula! I especially love the Byer couple. Those figurines have always been a favorite of mine! I DO decorate for Thanksgiving and have a wonderful banner for my back door that I featured last year on my blog and LOVE!

  2. Those are so neat! I think I have maybe one turkey and I’m pretty sure it came from the dollar store:) I love the white turkey platters!

  3. oh my goodness. well, i do love fall and thanksgiving and all that…but when it comes to actual turkeys…i detest the look of them. but i seriously love how you seem to love them. i find that super interesting, and i will now think of you when i see anything turkey!

  4. I hardly have any Thanksgiving decorations. Yours are all so cute. We haven’t had Halloween yet cause of our snow storm. Halloween is tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Eeeeek! I love it, so festive and homey and inviting. I don’t use turkeys only because I don’t have any but I do decorate with the Autumn colors. I’m loving this season, wish it lasted longer.

  6. Paula, we were destined to be friends, I’m telling ya. Just this morning I was checking out my turkey collection. I keep most of them out all year. I may have to copy you and do a post about them. Would that be okay with you?

  7. I haven’t decorated in the past couple of years but I have some really pretty turkeys. I love your antique candle ones. Your mama sure finds some great items for you! Don’t you love mama’s? 🙂

    I had to laugh with your little story about the squirrel nutcracker. He does look a bit evil when his mouth is open. Especially with the little bit of red paint.

  8. I love all your turkeys! Especially the platters! It seems to me that your momma is very good to you. I’m sure you deserve it!

    About that squirrel…Maybe he should be out for Halloween instead of Thanksgiving! Scary!

  9. I love that you collect turkeys! My favorite is the all white platter. I’m sure it makes this time of year especially nice!

  10. Fabulous decorations. I dont have any Thanksgiving type decorations… maybe when I have a house i`ll actually have some. Have a fabulous weekend. xo

  11. Hey Paula…I loved this post and seeing your collection. The platters are awesome. Your mantel is lovely too…the wreath is the perfect touch. Such a cozy room. It’s obvious you love your home. Happy Weekend!

  12. love all the thanksgiving/fall decor! you are ready for the season. i love love the antique turkey candles.
    stopping by from kelly’s korner.

  13. I love your Byer Thanksgiving couple. There is something about those cute faces. I love the nutcracker too, but he is a little scary. Sure wish I could find my turkey teapot. It’s packed away somewhere. I have zero Thanksgiving decorations.

  14. I love your turkey collection, the platters are great!

    Thanks for the kind comment about my son’s Godzilla costume 😀

  15. Discovered your lovely blog via Grammy Goodwill…love hers too! You both have such great turkey collections and how perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday! I hope your holiday season kicked off to a great start!

    Liesl 🙂

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