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Back in July I joined the Picket Fences Vintage and Antique Pop Up Event held at Millstone Mercantile in Madison Heights, VA.  This has become a monthly event that features local vendors who sell either antique, vintage, repurposed, or handmade items. I haven’t participated again since July but this coming Saturday I’m joining in once again to sell some of my vintage and handmade things.

For the July sale I needed a wall to display some of my things and Mr. SP and I designed and built one that proved to be quite handy.  Our wall folds for storage and it is free standing. I was able to hang my things for display during the sale and when the sale was over, I removed the nails, folded it, and it’s been stored ever since.

Our wall was easy to make and I thought that others who do markets and shows might be interested in how we made it.


How to Build a Folding Display for Shows and Markets


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Pressure Treated Privacy Fence Panel (6 ft. x 8 ft)

3 – 4” Galvanized Hinge


2 x 4  (Scraps)

2” Deck Screws

1 – 5” Lag Bolt


Wood Glue

Clamps  (These are our favorite and you can never have enough of them!)



1.  Buy the Supplies

We purchased our supplies at Lowes and had one of the guys cut the privacy panel in half for us so that we could easily take it home.  We have an Explorer and strapped the pieces to our roof.

DIY Folding Wall for Craft Shows


2.  Screw the fence pieces together.

The two fence pieces were lined up and screwed together using the hinges.  Now the fence will fold for easy storage and for transport.

folding diy screen to use at craft shows


3.  Build braces so that the fence will be free standing.

We wanted the fence to be free standing, so we devised braces to use on the sides of the fence.

How to Make Braces for Folding Screen


We cut two triangles from scrap 1/2” plywood, and utilized scrap 2×4’s to hold the fence vertically.  The triangle’s base measures 34” and its height measures 17”.  The bottom 2×4 piece is 7” and the top on 5 3/4”.

How to Make Braces for Folding Screen 4


We first attached the long 2×4 to the triangle base (glued with 2” deck screws), perpendicular to the bottom.

How to Make Braces for Folding Screen 2


Then we clamped the base to the bottom edge of the fence so as to place the smaller 2×4 pieces to the triangle base.  Once clamped in place, these smaller pieces were glued and screwed into place.

How to Make Braces for Folding Screen 3



Here you can see what the brace looks like in place.

DIY Folding Display for Craft Shows - Brace Detail


A ~3/8” hole was drilled diagonally through the brace and fence, into the opposite side 2×4.  Through this hole we inserted a 5” lag bolt, so as to lock in the brace to the fence.  Gravity keeps it in place – we did not bolt the other end.  The bolt is simply used as a peg.  Therefore, a long wooden dowel would suffice for this function.

DIY Folding Display for Craft Shows - Bottom Detail


The lag bolt easily slides in and out of the hole.  DIY Folding Display for Craft Shows - Bottom Detail2


This was a quick and easy project and I’ll be able to use it for years for shows.

DIY Folding Display for Craft Shows - Side View


With the addition of a rug in front of the wall, I could also use this for photographing furniture makeover projects.

DIY Folding Display for Craft Shows


This picture is from the July sale.  Since we were outdoors and it was windy, we further secured the wall by adding a few screw eyes to the back of the wall and tying it to the fence.

DIY Folding Display for Craft Shows2

My sweet Mama joined me for the sale in July and I’m hoping that she’ll join me again on Saturday.

Picket Fences Antique and Vintage Sale at Millstone Mercantile in Madison Heights, VA

If you are local, come on out and join us at Millstone Mercantile in Madison Heights.  The sale starts at 9 am.  There are 13 confirmed vendors and Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts and Nomad Coffee Co. will also be there.  It’s worth the trip just to get a Mama Crockett Donut.  They are so good!  I hope to see you on Saturday!


  1. Hi Paula! Love this idea… passing it along to my daughter…. 🙂 What a great easy way to showcase items and then easy clean up, too!

    Would you consider sharing this at our weekly Dishing It & Digging It Link Party? We are live Sundays @4pm. We’d love for you to share your creative ideas.

  2. I love this idea! Passing it along to my daughter. What a great way to set up and clean up quick!

    Would you consider sharing this at our weekly Dishing It & Digging It Link Party? We are live every Sunday @ 4pm. We’d love to see your creative ideas!

  3. sorry, thought it didn’t go through…

  4. I am super impressed with this whole set-up! That’s ingenious to get it to fold like that. You also made it look surprisingly simple! I love your whole set-up too! Hope your sales are going well!

  5. I love this idea. I’m going to copy it but paint the wood and add my bird houses to it.
    Thank you so much for sharing. April Ferguson

  6. Julia Schmidt says:

    Love this so much!
    Do you think if it’s a windy day, you’d have to tie it down with weights?
    I am planning on doing a show in November, but the wind worries me.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Such a cool setup. How do you secure things to the fence?

    • I tied the fence to a tree to secure it since my shows were outside. Then to display things, I just used small nails in the fence boards. At the end of the show I removed the nails when I took down what didn’t sell.

  8. Fabri-K-Tions says:

    What do you use to hang things up with and still make it “foldable”? I’m guessing if you nail things in place, then the nails have to come out in order to fold the display flat. Do you have some kind of temporary hooks or something?

  9. Lovely..

  10. How much did it cost to build?

  11. Question, did you have any winds? I have a tent now and the winds gets so bad it wants to fly away. any help would be appreciated.

  12. Best idea I’ve seen in over 25 years of attending and participating in markets/craft shows. Would it be possible to make it with 3 hinged sections? Would then fit in my van. THX

  13. ColleenB.-Tx. says:

    Perfect backdrop for my photo shoots Thank You

  14. How much weight do you think it could hold up? If I were to use hang arms I screwed on, do you think it could support children’s clothing for an event?


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