Fitness Friday :: Week 13

Fitness Friday4

Do you tend to do the same workout every time you go to the gym?  It’s easy to get into a routine and not vary from it.  I get inspiration for new exercises to try from Shape Magazine and Fitness Magazine.  I usually tear pages out that inspire me and then try to incorporate a new exercise or two when I realize I’ve been doing the same routine gym visit after gym visit.


The two exercises below are pages torn from the March 2011 issue of Shape. Both target the inner thigh, an area that isn’t so easy to work unless you do a lot of horseback riding.  I plan on trying these two exercises during my next gym visit. (Exercise #2 in the series must not have interested me as I didn’t save that page.)




Would these be exercises you might try? 


  1. Can’t I just order her legs off the internet? 😉 😉 Thanks for sharing another great exercise to (think about) trying. 😉

  2. that last one looks a bit painful …but you know they old saying.
    Thinking about it.

    Love the exercise segments!!!!

  3. Wow, that looks like a good one. I have been slacking on exercise for months. I need to get moving! 🙂

  4. You know, I would try these if my thighs were my problem, but I’m ok in that department. My problem is my arms, upper arms to be exact. They need lots of toning. If you ever come across some exercises to do that please do send them to me!

  5. Okay, these are totally new to me. I am REALLY BAD about not changing my routine enough. Hubby has been bugging me to get some new moves out of magazines. I know he’s right. Maybe I’ll add them in when I get back to the gym next week. WOO HOO! My hot body legs thank you in advance. HA!

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