Fitness Friday :: Week Nineteen (Core)

Fitness Friday4
It’s time for Fitness Friday!  I hope that everyone has had a good week of workouts.

I love today’s core exercise because it works both the middle of the stomach (Rectus abdominis) and the sides (obliques) with one exercise.

All you need for this exercise is your body weight and a mat or rug.  I didn’t take individual pictures this time, so I’ll let the video do the explaining.

I usually do the sequence shown in the video three times as part of my core workout.  This is a good one!  Let me know if you try it.


  1. Oh my gracious! I’m hurting just watching you do that! WOW! I’m so freaking impressed with you right now. I’m gonna have all kinds of new stuff to do at the gym when the kids go back to school. Thanks Paula!

  2. Anything that can be done in front of the television is a huge plus for me. 😉 PS. I love the rug!!!

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