Fitness Friday :: Tone Your Gut

It’s Fitness Friday time!  Last week I shared an exercise series to Tone Your Butt from Self Magazine.  This week I’m sharing the second set of exercises from the article, Tone Your Gut.

Tone Your Gut


I found the Side Sculptor awkward and first but after I got the hang of it, I like it.  You’ll really feel this in your obliques and inner thighs, in fact, I had to stop to rest when I first started doing this exercise.

Side Scultper - Tone Your Gut


The Rad Roll-Up is for me the easiest in this group but I still like it.

Rad Roll Up - Tone Your Gut


The Belly Buster is the most challenging exercise in this group.  It takes practice and a lot of core strength to balance on the ball in this position.  The first time I tried it, I fell off the ball, so I’d advise to be cautious with this one.

Belly Buster - Tone Your Gut


The Core Climber gives the abs a great challenge.  This exercise is a good one!

Core Climber - Tone Your Gut


The Ball-Cycle adds the challenge of holding the ball with the inner thighs while working the obliques.

Ball Cycle - Tone Your Gut


The Waist Definer is a great way to end this exercise group.

Waist Definer - Tone Your Gut


I’m always looking for new ab exercises and was happy to discover these.


  1. I think the core-climber looks very tough. So far, I can only do a 40 second plank on the ball. Then to climb, its very difficult, but i will try!
    These will definitely firm up the core muscles. Thanks a lot!

  2. Thank you for sharing the “Tone Your Gut”, I’ve really need this to get me back to what I use to look and feel good about myself! So thank you for sharing!!!

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