Fitness Friday :: Tone Your Gut

It’s Fitness Friday time!  Last week I shared an exercise series to Tone Your Butt from Self Magazine.  This week I’m sharing the second set of exercises from the article, Tone Your Gut.

Tone Your Gut


I found the Side Sculptor awkward and first but after I got the hang of it, I like it.  You’ll really feel this in your obliques and inner thighs, in fact, I had to stop to rest when I first started doing this exercise.

Side Scultper - Tone Your Gut


The Rad Roll-Up is for me the easiest in this group but I still like it.

Rad Roll Up - Tone Your Gut


The Belly Buster is the most challenging exercise in this group.  It takes practice and a lot of core strength to balance on the ball in this position.  The first time I tried it, I fell off the ball, so I’d advise to be cautious with this one.

Belly Buster - Tone Your Gut


The Core Climber gives the abs a great challenge.  This exercise is a good one!

Core Climber - Tone Your Gut


The Ball-Cycle adds the challenge of holding the ball with the inner thighs while working the obliques.

Ball Cycle - Tone Your Gut


The Waist Definer is a great way to end this exercise group.

Waist Definer - Tone Your Gut


I’m always looking for new ab exercises and was happy to discover these.


  1. I’ve added this to my How to Firm my Butt…I need to get busy!
    Thanks for sharing Paula…

  2. I think the core-climber looks very tough. So far, I can only do a 40 second plank on the ball. Then to climb, its very difficult, but i will try!
    These will definitely firm up the core muscles. Thanks a lot!

  3. Thank you for sharing the “Tone Your Gut”, I’ve really need this to get me back to what I use to look and feel good about myself! So thank you for sharing!!!

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