3 Free Printables for New Year’s Eve & the New Year + Vintage New Year’s

2021 is almost here! Today I’m sharing three free printables for New Year’s Eve and the new year.

Free Printable New Year's Pages

Three Free Printables for New Year’s Eve & the New Year

Welcoming in 2021 may be a bit different than how normally celebrate a new year beginning.

This year there won’t be giant parties to attend or big groups of friends gathering to celebrate.

To be honest, I’ll be lucky if I’m even awake to welcome 2021. We used to go to a dinner/dance every New Year’s Eve but it’s been a few years since we’ve done that.

Just for fun, I found a few vintage New Year’s posts to share!

New Year Party Checklist

This party checklist may not be needed this year but it will be helpful in years to come. Pin it to remember next year, save it on your computer, or print it out now and save for future New Year’s Eve parties.

Free Printable New Year's Party Checklist

Here’s a handy pin to save!

Free Printable New Year's Eve Party Checklist

New Year’s Charades

Do you enjoy playing games on New Year’s Eve? Many people do! This printable includes two pages of charade cards to cut out and enjoy.

Free Printable New Year's Charade Game Cards

New Year’s Resolution Sheet

Writing down goals helps you make them happen!

Use this sheet for making a commitment to trying new things, doing more of a good thing, less of an undesirable thing, and for setting a goal.

Free Printable New Year's Resolution Page

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Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive a welcoming email with a password to my free printable library. If you are already a subscriber, the password can be found in any email from me.

More Free Printables to Enjoy!

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  1. You are cranking out the printable! Love this New Year Party printable collection and party planner! Great party checklist! Pinned!

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