Garden Day :: Part Three

One more garden day post for this year!

The first house we toured last Tuesday is just out of town, down a long, winding road.  As the crow flies, it’s very close to the James River.  We were directed down a landscaped path that leads from the house to the mailbox.  Sydnor1Sydnor2Sydnor3Sydnor4

We had to wait in line to tour this home.  (The landscaper is the man standing in the driveway wearing the grey jacket.)

The kitchen is in the room behind the fireplace.  You can see a chair in front of the fireplace through the window.  I’d sit there all winter, given the opportunity.

The screened porch that you can see in the picture below looks over the mountains.  It has a fireplace so you could enjoy it year round.

This sweet arrangement was near the outdoor kitchen.Sydnor10Sydnor11

Behind the house features a large patio and arbor seating area.  The big windows that you see above are in the living room which also offers a beautiful mountain view.

The next home is an eco-friendly one.  The area between the two roof lines featured a roof garden of sedums.

This house wasn’t on the tour but I liked its design so much that I had to snap a picture.  I’ve been told that it is a Southern Living plan being built by two doctors.  Wouldn’t you like to see the inside?


  1. Love the home built by two doctors! Now I would like to see the inside of that. Enjoyed all your pictures.

  2. I noticed this at the other houses, too….I always wish that I could just go outside and cut branches off of stuff and make it into a gorgeous floral arrangement. There are so many that look fabulous, and if you look closely, it’s just stuff they had “laying around the house/garden”. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful homes and gardens. In my simplicity my favorite thing was the little basket hanging on the fence.

  4. That first house is amazing! That kitchen behind the fireplace, with all those windows….GORGEOUS! I can just imagine the views. So pretty! The landscaping and arrangements are beautiful and I love that big white door going into the house under the living room window. Love that Southern Living house too! Man, I’m too nosy for my own good. I want to see the inside. That’s the kind of house I want to drive by after dark to see if they left the blinds open so I could sneak a peek. I bet it’s gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would like to see the doctor’s house once it’s completed and decorated, that would be interesting.

    These homes are all so beautiful and so much GREEN! Here in Bakersfield it stays green for such a short time and they it all seems the same color of dingy yellow green!

    So it’s nice to see these pics! Have a great weekend Paula!

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