Garden Inspired Spring Vignette

Today I’m joining my Creative Vintage Darlings friends for another round of Thrift the Look ideas. I’m sharing a Garden Inspired Spring Vignette that I created based on a look that I spotted on Instagram.

Spring vignette with an antique southerwestern pottery jug filled with daffodils, and antique basket, a pottery bowl holding a nest, and a wooden cutting board.

The Thrift the Look challenge is hosted b y Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods who is a master at finding thrift shop items and transforming them into lovely home decor.

Thrift the Look - Garden Inspired Decor

Our last theme was Winter Cabin where I shared our lake house coffee table styled using a picture from Pinterest as my inspiration.

Sarah challenges a group of us who belong to the Creative Vintage Darlings Facebook group to replicate the look of an inspiration picture with items found at thrift shops.  Speaking of Creative Vintage Darlings, we would love to have you join our group on Facebook where we share vintage seven days a week. Click here to join us!

Thrift the Look Garden Inspired Decor

Since it is spring, our theme for this challenge is garden inspired. For this challenge, the goal is the thrift the look to show how you can get a look that you love for your home on a budget.

Since we aren’t thrift shopping right now due to what is going on in our world, most of us shopped our homes to create our look for this challenge.

Garden Inspired Inspiration

My inspiration for this challenge is this picture posted by Vibeke Designs found on Instagram. Vibeke also has a very popular blog that is filled with lovely images.

My Garden Inspired Vignette

A few trips to the basement and one into my yard to cut flowers was all I had to do to create my version of Vibeke’s garden inspired vignette.

Garden Inspired Spring Vignette

I photographed my garden inspired vignette outdoors and then moved it into my family room where it is now displayed on a pie safe.

My version of Vibeke’s design doesn’t have as many layers but I am super pleased that I created it simply by shopping my house.

Garden Inspired Vignette Details

Many of the pieces that I used to create this look are family pieces given to me by either my grandmother or my mom.

Garden Inspired Spring Vignette

The Pottery Jug

The jug filled with daffodils from my yard is what I believe to be a Mexican pottery piece. 

My great-great-uncle fought in the Spanish American War and this lidded jug was a souvenir that he brought back to my great-great-aunt after he attended a war reunion. 

Garden Inspired Spring Vignette

My mom passed along this jug to me many years ago.

The couple who owned our home lived here for 30+ years before my husband purchased it in 1992. Daffodils and other flowering bulbs that they planted many years ago come up and bloom each spring.

Spring Daffodils in handmade pottery jug

The Cutting Board

Behind the jug is a wooden cutting board that my grandfather made long ago.

Spring Daffodils in handmade pottery jug

Granddaddy made this cutting board for my artistic great-aunt to paint. I flipped the board around so that you can see the artwork painted on it.

Garden Inspired Spring Vignette

The Basket

This basket came from my grandmother’s house and I know nothing about it. It could have belonged to one of her aunts or it could be something that she used either in her garden or for garden club flower shows.

Garden Inspired Spring Vignette

Nest and Pottery Bowl

The pottery bowl holding the nest was a gift from my good friend who goes to a pottery show in North Carolina each spring.

The bowl is marked, “Cross Creek, Seagrove, NC”. This pottery appears to be no longer in business. It was operated by Terry and Vivian Hunt. I found a 2011 obituary for Terry, no website, and their Facebook page is no longer active, which makes me believe that Terry was the maker of this bowl and that the business is no longer.

Nests with eggs in a pottery bowl

I have had the nest for many years and it makes a frequent appearance in my spring decor.

Nest with eggs in a pottery bowl

Last Look

I had so much fun creating this garden inspired spring vignette by shopping my home. I encourage you to do the same thing when you find a look that you love on Pinterest or social media.

Garden Inspired Spring Vignette

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    1. That is true! I definitely need a few more layers now that I’ve moved this to the top of a pie safe in our living room.


    1. It was a great distraction to enjoy all of the posts that were shared this go around. I’m already looking forward to finding out what our next theme will be.


  2. Your version looks fantastic! That jug was picture-perfect and I’m jealous of your daffodils. I really need to get my act together and plant some bulbs later this year. Great job!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! This was such a fun challenge and I so much enjoyed reading all of the posts shared.

      Every fall I think I’m going to plant bulbs and I never do it. Maybe this year!


  3. Paula, this is such a pretty vignette. I love how cheerful and springy it is. You really captured your inspiration pic. I am always so impressed by your collection of family treasures, and I really appreciate the stories you share with us that go with these pieces. I thought about you when I was writing my piece for this challenge!

    1. Thank you, Sheila! This was such a fun challenge. I enjoyed reading your post and stories.


  4. That vintage pottery jug is so cool, Paula! What a fun piece to style with. And I’m so jealous of your daffodils (especially if someone else planted them;) Great choice of an inspo. pic and great job replicating it!

    1. Thank you, Lora! This was such a fun challenge.

      I am so glad that the former owners of our home planted so many daffodils and that they planted bunches of different varieties that bloom at different times.


  5. Paula I love your vignette. I have been to the Seagrove Pottery festival many times as I used to live close to there and have quite a bit of pottery from local potters. That jug you have is so pretty, great job on putting your spin on the inspiration. I always enjoy seeing your thrifted treasures.

    1. Thank you, Sonya! I’ll bet that the Seagrove festival was a good one. My friend who gave me the pottery bowl has some beautiful pottery from NC. She collects face jugs.


  6. Paula, your spring vignette is beautiful! I love how you use family pieces to create your version and that you share the story of each piece. It is all so pretty! Pinned!

  7. Your vignette is beautiful and I love how so many of the pieces have a story. That makes it so special! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s – you are being featured on my blog Tuesday evening.

  8. Love the combination of textures in you spring garden vignette. You have inspired me to see what I can mix together for the same look. I’m excited to feature your post this week at the Tuesday Turn About Link Party!

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