Memorial Day

I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.  I’d like to thank our military for keeping us safe and thank their families who live without them while they protect us.  Today is more than a day off from work or a day to cook out.  Mr. SP thinks that today is the most important holiday of the year and I have to agree with him.

We fly our flag on a regular basis and today I added a few more to celebrate Memorial Day.


  1. Hi Paula! Your man sounds like a great guy. And I would have to agree with him too. Love all of your flags. Hope you had a great day of remembrance.

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Memorial Day

I’m taking a moment today to be thankful for soldiers serving our country either now or in the past. Sometimes it is easy to be happy that Memorial Day is a day off from work and not to remember the real reason that today is a holiday.

We fly our flag nearly every day.

This weekend didn’t turn out like I’d planned. Poor Mr. SP has just been miserable with a headache, ear ache, and sinus pressure. I knew that it was bad when he asked to go to the doctor this morning. I took him to an urgent care facility and just got home with an antibiotic, Afrin nose spray, and Alavert. That Alavert must be good stuff. You have to get it from a pharmacist and show your driver’s license before they’ll hand it over to you.

Yesterday I went to my friend’s wonderful organic vegetable garden to pick strawberries. They are sugar sweet and oh so good! I tried to make jam last night, but it doesn’t look jelled in the jar. Any ideas to what I did wrong?

Lettuce from the garden:

Here’s a small portion of my friend’s garden. He has the best garden that I’ve ever seen – all grown organically.

I finally finished planting my veggies and got my garden mulched. I rake my leaves into a giant pile behind my shed each fall and let them rot all winter. They make great mulch the next spring. I don’t have to do much weeding in the garden using this method. My garden looks pretty pitiful compared to my friend’s. I just hope that the deer stay out of it this year! We have deer netting around it, plus two strands of electric fence. That should do the trick!

I mulched one more of my big perennial beds yesterday and did a few beds near the house. Things look so much better with a fresh layer of mulch on the bed!

A few blooms from my yard:

I’m off to work in the yard again today. Having three days in a row to get out there has been a real gift. Today will be more mulching, dead heading, and a bit of pruning.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Beautiful!!!! 🙂 I’m hoping to start ours this coming weekend. 🙂

  2. Domestic Designer says:

    Everything looks great! Those strawberries look soooo good!

  3. Regarding your jelly, did you use a recipe that you had to add pectin? If not, sometimes if the fruit is too ripe there is not enough natural pectin for it to “gel”. If it didn’t set up, it will make a great addition to ice cream or pancakes, etc!

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