Garden Day :: Part Two

It’s been a week since garden day and I’ve admittedly poured over the pictures that I took time and again.  If you missed my first garden day post, you can find it here.

This home is on the same street as the home I featured in the post above.  The owners were going to move to a bigger home but instead did a massive addition and backyard renovation.

The area under the deck is open with furniture, a fireplace, and several game tables.  The rest of the basement is a “man cave” area with a pool table, bar, and theater.  It was something else!

I like the clear deck railing to not obstruct the view when seated. 

I could definitely spend a few hours in one of those lounge chairs with a good book.

This pretty arrangement was on a table on the deck.  Note that the garden club ladies leave an index card with each arrangement listing its contents.

This arrangement was in the pool house that I didn’t photograph.  It included an outdoor kitchen nicer that what many have inside their home.

The next home only featured the gardens.  The owners operate a local feed and seed.  This home is for sale as the owners are downsizing. 

The best part of the backyard was this lovely pond surrounded by creeping phlox in full bloom.

This faux creek feeds into the pond.

I had to inspect for a deer fence because many of the plants in this yard in full bloom have been demolished by deer in my own yard just a few miles away.  They did indeed have a fence on three sides of the property. 

I hope you have enjoyed the garden photos.  I’ll have a final post later this week.


  1. Oh my goodness! The backyard in that first home is stunning…like my dream come true! I’d love to have a pool like that. 🙂

  2. Wow!! What a great addition to that first house. I think I’d spend all my time in one of those chaise lounges with a cocktail in my hand.

  3. Oh my gracious! That is amazing! The first house is wonderful. I could definitely see myself lounging by the pool – WITHOUT my kids. There is no “lounging” when four kids are in the pool.

    The second house…..that pond is GORGEOUS! And the creek? Oh my GOSH! It looks like something out of a movie. It’s so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing. Did you feel like you were stepping into a magazine?

  4. What beautiful homes…I would never leave! I love the way they mowed the grass in that first picture coming out of that flower bed. Great pride of ownership!

    Beautiful gardens!

  5. Hi Paula! I just caught up on reading two weeks’ worth of posts of yours!

    I remember how beautiful Virginia is in April, and how many wonderful garden tours there are! How fun for you to get to tour the homes and gardens with your mom and aunts! And it seems like your walk with your mom around her Walnut Avenue home was almost as good as a garden tour!

    When we lived in Michigan, I was in the local garden club. I remember being so amazed at some of the arrangements that those women created, all from flowers from their gardens. You’re right–it would be so nice to be able to photograph the arrangements!

    I may be a little mixed up on my times–was your spring break last week or this week? Either way, I’m sure you’re glad for a bit of a break from the classroom. And summer’s coming soon!

    So good to catch up with you!

  6. Thank you for taking us with you again on your garden tour! I am loving every picture! Wonder what the flowers are along the pond, we would love to copy that look!

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