House Tour–Guest Bedroom

Creating a sewing room upstairs required moving some furniture from the current sewing room to the guest bedroom.  Luckily it all fit and I actually like the room better now that it has more furniture in it.  This room is definitely a hodge-podge and not much matches.  To me it feels like a room at my grandmother’s house, cozy and comfortable.  I hope any guests that we may have will feel that way, too.

Come on in and look around.

The washstand was purchased with my first teacher paycheck.  The dressing table and rocking chair are family pieces given to me by my mom.  Mr. SP and I bought the trunk at the end of the bed in the Shenandoah long ago.

I purchased the square oak table at a local antique store a few years ago.  The suitcase was my grandmother’s.  Look carefully on the table and you can see one of her gorgeous pressed flower pictures.


The bed, armoire, rocking chair, and two dressers that match this bird’s eye maple dressing table are in our master bedroom.  This furniture was purchased by my great-aunt in Norfolk in the late 1920’s.  I spent countless hours at this dressing table as a teen!

Mr. SP had this “This End Up” bed before we were married.  It is sturdy, but I prefer antiques.  The dresser beside it is a cheap piece from an unfinished furniture store.  After an exhausting shopping day, I finally found a lampshade for the naked lamp on the dresser.

I was able to nestle my desk into the window alcove.  I did all of my high school and college work at this tiny desk.  The only time I sit at it now is to write letters.

The standing mirror was my grandmother’s.  If you look behind the door you can see Granny’s childhood play table.  It folds for storage, but I keep it out as a display area for photographs.

Here’s another shot of my desk.  The small lamp on my desk now has a new shade.  (No photo)

I grew up as a horse loving girl.  The old saying, “Where you born in a barn?” pretty much applies to me.  I wasn’t born in a barn, but I grew up in one.

I hung a few photos of my beloved Brandy beside my desk.  The photo on the left was taken at the Virginia State 4-H horse show held each fall in Richmond at the state fair.  The one on the right was taken when I was in the 7th grade at Rodes Farm.  I loved that horse more than anything.

Now you can see the lamp with its new shade.  Mama picked this up at a yard sale long ago.  The print is P. Buckley Moss.  It is a painting from the state fair, so it was perfect for me.  The only difference between my photo and this print is that it is a different arena on the state fair grounds.


I had a bit of an equestrian theme going in the room so I added my dad’s 1952 paint by number to the mix.

The curtain style and fabric are a bit dated.  One of these days I’ll get motivated to update them but for now I am content to keep them.

The room is ready.  Who wants to come for a visit?


  1. I think any guest would love to nestle up in that room. How wonderful that you have so many pieces of furniture that have a “story” and mean so much to you. Great job!

  2. I love how you have the desk tucked away, Paula. 🙂 SO cool that you have those photos of yourself on Brandy. What neat keepsakes. 🙂

  3. i think this entire room is stunning, the feeling I got thru the photos was of peace and tranquility and an awful lot of love.

  4. What a charming guest room. I would love to stay in one just like that. It reminds me of my great aunts home. I would stay with her when I was a little girl. Thank you so much.

  5. I’m ready to visit. I can imagine spending hours sitting in that rocking reading. This room reminds me of my childhood. I guess is it a grandmothers house kinda room. I love the dressing table!

    It’s wonderful that you treasure items like your grandmothers pressed flower picture and frame and the paint by number your dad did.

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