One Thing Leads to Another

Mr. SP’s dad bought a new tv for us last weekend.  Oh boy is it a step up from what we had.  We even have a DVR now.  (Not that I know how to use it.)


Did you notice that the tv is on the floor?  That’s because it won’t fit into our old tv armoire.


This thing is really big and heavy and I paid A LOT of money for it when we purchased it.  I may try to sell it on Craigslist if my mother doesn’t want it. 

The new tv needs to be located in the armoire’s spot.  We’ve debated about what to use for our new tv and know that we can’t afford to buy something as nice as our old armoire.  Mr. SP has been working on a cabinet all winter and I think that we will use it as a tv stand for now.

He made this entire piece, including the paneled doors.


The top is made from hardwood flooring that a friend gave him. 



He’s building shelves inside to house equipment and other entertainment goodies like DVD’s and CD’s. 


Let’s just hope that we both like it once he finishes building the insides. 




  1. Love the tv….We are hoping to get one later in the year but we will have to see.

    Love the cabinet Mr. SP made. Beautiful!

    Your armoire is pretty also…maybe if your Mom does not want it you will find a buyer on Criags List especially since it is tax time and many get fun money back and some not so lucky to get it back.

  2. I think Mr. SP is a talented guy. I hope you like the look because I like solid wood furniture. And he has created a piece that contains so much storage area. (can’t have enough storage area)

  3. WOW! What a great TV. 🙂 You have got to learn to use that DVR, girl. They’re the best! You can pause your TV show while you get a glass of water, fast forward through commercials of shows you’ve recorded…it’s great. 🙂

    What a fabulous cabinet!! Love that he made the top out of hardwood flooring. So cool!

  4. You can always hang it on the wall. 🙂 I used to hate that idea. LOL! But I’m softening to it. Even though, I do still think there are places that are appropriate and places that aren’t.

    When I bought the flat screen for my den I made sure to get one that would fit on the cabinet the old one sat on. But then, I wasn’t interested in a really big one anyway. Yours doesn’t look huge either though.

    Good luck. I guess you can’t use the old cabinet in a guest bedroom or something,huh? Surely your Mom will have a place for it in that huge house she’s going to be living in soon.

  5. Amanda is so right! You are gonna love that DVR! It’s the best thing ever! I record things that nobody wants to watch with me, and then watch them whenever I have time, fast-forwarding through the commercials.

    Mr. SP is so talented! That is a beautiful little cabinet.

  6. Nice TV! Yes, one thing like a new TV leads to lots of new things. We had the same issue when we lost all our TVs in Katrina. Husband was like a kid in candyland buying new TVs. UUGGHH! I hate them ~ they are so big and take over life. I would rather not watch TV at all. I wish TV was never invented! HA! But I love the internet!
    Looks like Mr SP will find a great solution. I’m sure the stand will be perfect!

  7. Whoa! The TV stand (both) are just beautiful. I especially like the one that Mr. SP made. It’s really amazing. Not sure what your husband does for a living, but if it doesn’t work out he has a future in furniture design.

  8. Love the tv (my hubby wants one SOOO BAD!) and love the cabinet – can we say, “WOW”?! Hope you’re having a great day!

  9. Looks an awful lot like OUR TV – – – and we LOVE it. I ESPECIALLY get excited about watching my football games on it in the fall!!!

  10. We couldnt use our armoire after our HD TV either…I now use it in our bedroom for our smaller TV & keep our videos & CD is there.

    I never watch commercials any more. I DVR shows & then watch them and fast forward the commercials. I can watch 2 shows in 1 hr!

  11. What a nice cabinet…and new tv!! I’m like you, I have one of those big armoires. But it’s still holding our fat screen tv so it’s ok for now! hehe

    And btw, I just got DVR about 3 mos ago. I thought I was the last one on the planet to get it!

  12. Wow! Prepare yourself for the addiction of having a DVR. I got so used to the pause button that I kept trying to pause the radio in the car. HA!

    I love the cabinet Mr. SP built. It’s AWESOME!

  13. I LOVE that cabinet! It is so beautiful, and I think will be perfect!

    I am totally jealous you now have DVR!

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