Progress on Walnut Avenue

Mama and I had a very successful day yesterday. The dining room is almost wallpaper free. We couldn’t get to the area behind the radiator and we didn’t quite finish one narrow strip beside one of the doors. We still need to tackle the ceiling. I don’t even want to think about that! Our necks, arms, and hands ached at the end of the day. We worked hard!

This job makes a BIG mess!

No more paint or wallpaper!

Mama and I recently discovered that we like Mike’s Hard Lemonade. We had this kind yesterday after we got home, showered, and were ready to relax…

Mama cracked me up when she said “If I’m going to drink this, I believe I’d rather have the stronger one.”


  1. WOW, what a job you two gals took on. The room looks so spacious, so I know you were aching, especially neck and arms from constantly looking up. The room looks beautiful already. Glad you enjoyed the MIKE’S!

  2. Oh, Oh Paula (sing along now) WHAT WORK THAT IS! you are so sweet to help your Mama, and for good reason as she is sweet too! Those pictures go without speaking. I know you are tired and deserve a break with some potent lemonade! LOL!

    You know, just looking at one of those last pics where your mother is “drinking”, just look at the view outside that window! Oh, it’s going to be a wonderful old house!

  3. Your mama sounds like a fun lady! I can’t believe all the two of you got done! This is so much fun for me to read about (I am guessing not quite so much fun for you since you’re doing the work) 😉

  4. oooh, I’ve never had the harder stuff! I’m going to have to look for that!
    That house is going to look so good when y’all get done! I am loving seeing the photos of your progress!

  5. I don’t envy the hard work you are doing. Taking down old wallpaper is a terrible job! I know it will all be worth it when the job is completed and your Mom is in her new home!

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