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I need to brag about my mom once again.  If you are an old blog friend, then you know that my mom restored a 1912 house that was built by my great-great-uncle.  If you are new, click on the Walnut Avenue tag on the side of my blog and you’ll be amazed at what my mom has accomplished since 2009.

Mama has been contemplating what to do with her Walnut Avenue kitchen since she first started to restore the house.  Most people would hire a kitchen designer, hire out the work, and then enjoy their kitchen.  Not Mama.  She likes to do everything herself.

After taking a bit of a house restoration break for the spring and summer, she’s been hard at work on her kitchen.  Even though she’s not finished, she still has her kitchen decorated with her collections.  I love that!

Come on in and look around!

Mama and Mike have been busy hanging cabinets.  She will soon finish painting and install pulls.  The ends of the cabinets also need to be finished.

Her table turned island was built by Creed Scanlon, the son of the original owner.  This table always sat on my grandmother’s porch by the door.  Come back later this week to see Creed’s high school diploma!  Mr. SP restored the light for Mama.  She got it for $4.00 by giving the antique shop owner a hug.  You do what you have to do to get a deal!!

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen some of Mama’s Fiesta collection.  Doesn’t it look great here?

Mama and Mike moved the lights from an unused basement bathroom to the kitchen.  I think they look perfect above her sink.

Russell, an old family friend, found these soapstone pieces in a friend’s shed and asked if Mama could have them.  They work perfectly here.

If you are new, here’s Mama cooking Thanksgiving dinner in November 2010.  Yes, she cooked an entire Thanksgiving in this kitchen.  Things are looking up, aren’t they?

I am so proud of my mom for restoring this house and for making it the home she’s always dreamed of having.  I love to visit her because there’s always some new accomplishment to see.

I’ll share more Walnut Avenue updates this week, so be sure to come back!


  1. I discovered your pretty blog on Kelly’s Korner. Such a beautiful kitchen, your Mom looks like such a special person.

    Amy Byman

  2. Wow, what a great job! Crazy transformation and I can’t believe she could cook Thanksgiving dinner in there!

  3. Your mom amazes me!!! Her redone kitchen looks soooo good! Of course, I love the red with white cabinets even though hers are lacking the familiar chocolate milk stains that cover mine. ;). I love her table! My SIL has a very similar table turned island and I’ve always loved it! I think your mom would work circles around me!

  4. Soapstone — ah, brings back memories of high school science classes. I think I like it better in your mom’s kitchen. Love the lights at the sink.

  5. The thing about this is how much ENERGY your mom has! I have seen her cooking Thanksgiving in that photo one time before on your blog and it inspires me to do the best with what I have at the time!!! By the way, Walnut Avenue is looking great!

  6. Count me with those who hire someone to do it. 😀 But, I am in awe of your Mom’s energy and accomplishment. It does look great. She certainly does have something to be proud of.

  7. Please tell your mama how wonderful the kitchen looks, the last time I saw it all I could see was a big challenge. She’s done a wonderful job and I guess she learned that a hug (via Kelly’s treasure in Virginia) can get you a great deal. LOL

  8. I just love your Walnut Avenue posts! I love seeing everything your mom accomplishes–what a great role model she is!

    That table-turned-island is absolutely wonderful. Stunning. What a great use for it!

  9. that island looks great there, like it was always meant to be there, and be an island. i LOVE the fun colors of the fiesta wear, and think it’s a great idea to highlight them in that way.

  10. Wow! Your mom is one smart lady! Love the countertops and the hoosier is a gorgeous piece! 🙂

  11. WOW!!! Bravo–love that she’s going with white cabinets–so classic looking to me. Job well done!

  12. The kitchen looks great. I am so impressed with your mom’s efforts. I can see where you get your creativity from.

  13. I love it all! The island is all the more perfect for the story that goes with it. And that hoosier is gorgeous.

  14. The kitchen looks wonderful. I see she did decide to do red. It looks very pretty. I love that she moved the lights from downstairs. I always loved them and actually have one! She’s doing a great job, it just looks soooooooo different.

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