Walnut Avenue :: The Stairs

Mama has been busy hanging pictures on her stairway wall and it’s looking wonderful.  The entry and stairs are one of my favorite areas of her Walnut Avenue house.

These photographs are all relatives from my mom’s side of the family.  Below is Mary Louise Harris, a cousin of my grandmother and niece of the original owner of Walnut Avenue.  She died as a small child.  (The soapstone in Mama’s kitchen came from Page Harris, Mary Louise’s brother.)

I can’t remember the identity of the stern couple.  I’ll have to ask Mama because I should know.  The four in the photo below are my grandmother, great-grandmother, and two great-aunts.  (My great-grandmother died when my grandmother was five years old.)

Creed and Maggie Scanlon were the children of the original owner.  Mama hung their high school diplomas at the end of her grouping.  Can you believe that she even has these?  Mama taught for years at the same school.

More old family photos are hung above this tiny washstand in the hallway.

Thanks for coming along on the tour.  It will Thanksgiving time at Walnut Avenue in just two short weeks.  Hard to believe!


  1. I love old pictures! Your mom has inspired me to hang some pictures in my staircase. I have been putting it off for too long. Carla

  2. I’m glad to see other people have an appreciation for those old photos. The woodwork in the house is gorgeous. Thanks for the tour!

  3. The staircase is beautiful, Paula and the old pictures look perfect along it. I love the stories behind them!


  4. I love family pictures and old ones are the best. In our old house, I lined our stairs with family pictures. I miss that wall in this house.

  5. So beautiful! How wonderful for your mom to have these family treasures. I love the way she has them all displayed!

  6. Oh my goodness! I am in LOVE with her stairs AND all the woodwork I can see in these photos! That is my kind of a “dream house”

  7. The pictures look perfect on the staircase. First time I’ve seen the banister complete, Mr. SP did a fantastic job with the additional spindles.

  8. WOW! what a beautiful staircase. i love it when it is all wood, so many people cover them up with carpet, i know it muffles the sound,but it just takes some of the beauty away, or at least i think so.

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