Shootings on I 64

Good grief. What is going on in this world? I got a call just before I left for Charlottsville this morning asking me if I’d heard about the shootings. Shootings? Apparently someone (or more than one) shot at a few cars along I 64 between Crozet and Afton Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Two people were taken to the hospital but they are ok. I64 was shut down until early this morning. A VDOT van was also shot at. Why do people do this type of thing? Schools in the Charlottesville area were closed today and I heard on the radio that all evening activities were canceled. I hope that they catch whoever is responsible soon. It really reminds me of the sniper shootings that took place a few years ago in NOVA.

Had a great day in C’ville. Went to a lot of small boutique type stores. I bought a cute, cute fancy dress to wear to a wedding on Saturday. I didn’t need it, but one can always use an extra black cocktail dress.

We ate lunch at Hot Cakes in Barracks Road shopping center. I’ve seen it for years and never had an opportunity to try it. A lady that helped us in one of the boutiques recommended it to us. I had a turkey, bacon, and avocado on focaccia bread sandwich. It was so good (but not so good for me).

We ended the day at the downtown mall. Saw lots of UVA girls shopping for formal dresses. To be young again!

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  1. Sure am glad they caught them. I live midway between there and the area around D.C. where the snipers operated a few years ago. I was afraid it was happening again.

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