My Kind of Week

This week is Spring Break for schools in our area. A lot of my friends go on trips over break, but I am happy to have a week at home to relax, catch up on a few things, and do exactly what I want to do. Let me tell you, I could get used to not working so fast that your head would spin!

This has been my week:
Monday: Sleep late, run, clean the house, put away Easter decorations, rearrange decorative items, do laundry, cook dinner, watch TV.

Tuesday: Sleep late, go to gym, shop a little, tennis lesson, tennis contract, drink wine with tennis friends, watch TV.

Wednesday: Sleep late, run, piddle around house, play tennis, get a haircut, shop for Mama’s birthday present, work in the yard, cook dinner, read.

Thursday: Today I’m going to Charlottesville with a friend to shop. We are going downtown, to the corner, to Barracks Road, and out 29 N. to a few other shopping areas. We have no specific plan. I want to go to The Second Yard and Calico Corners. She wants to try on expensive jeans not available in our town. The drive there should be really pretty because the Red Bud trees are just starting to pop. (The picture above is a Red Bud tree blooming at Mama’s. My dad made the birdhouse the year before he died.)

Friday: Hubby is taking the day off! I’m not sure what we’ll do.

Saturday: Tennis in the morning, wedding in the evening.

Sunday: Mixed doubles tennis match at noon. I really want to win. Hubby and I haven’t played in a match in a month, so I don’t know what will happen. Sunday night is a captains meeting for Spring USTA tennis. Schedules come out on Tuesday and play should start soon after that.

Monday: Back to work! NOoooooooooo……

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