Staunton Garden Day Tour :: Part One

(Arrangement from 232 East Beverly)

On Saturday my mom, aunt, and cousin toured five homes in Staunton’s historic “Gospel Hill”.  The homes were open as a part of the Garden Club of Virginia’s annual historic garden week, held each April in Virginia.  “Gospel Hill” got its name because a prominent citizen in the area, a blacksmith, held revival services at his shop. 

We started our tour at 232 East Beverly Street.  This home was destroyed by fire in 1869 and rebuilt in 1870.  The current owners purchased the home in 2006, did significant renovations, and the home home suffered a catastrophic fire.  The homeowners did a second renovation after the fire.  The owners of this house operate a bed and breakfast using their third floor.

The houses in all of East Beverly have either a limestone wall in front of them, an iron fence, or either.  The houses are all on a hill, too!

Interior photos were not allowed on the tour which I hate because the garden club ladies made spectacular arrangements for each home and I would love to share pictures of them with you.  It seems a shame that their hard work can’t be enjoyed after the tour through photographs.

We next toured 305 East Beverly Street, a 1912 Georgian Revival designed by Sam Collins of T. J. Collins architectural firm.  (Many, many houses in Staunton and Augusta County are a T. J. Collins design.) 

This home has a lovely side porch and beautiful ground on the hill behind it.

Here’s the same porch from the front side of the house accented by my pretty Mama.

This basket arrangement was on the porch.

Judy and Susan pose in front of the house.

Two pots stand on either side of the front door.  I love the bold colors.

The next home on our tour was 422 East Beverly Street, a home constructed in 1861.  The backyard of this home was lovely.

A gorgeous arrangement welcomed guests.

This arrangement was on the back porch.  (See photo below.)

Everything in this area is on a hill!

This arrangement was on the terrace level porch.

The gardens behind this home were very pretty and well maintained.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the second part of the tour!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Paula, I love the outdoor arrangements. We may be getting a little snow tomorrow so no garden tours for us yet, thanks for sharing yours.

  2. What beautiful homes! I just love the architecture and the detail. I like the bold colors on the arrangements too. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Staunton was in its glory, I’d say! I’ve never liked those vases with “fingers”, but the arrangement of yellow/red tulips has given me a new appreciation. I’ll be a lover, not a hater.

  4. Loved the tour, too bad you ween’t allowed to take photos inside. I will b sharing a big annual homeand garden tour the second week of May. ou can see last years photos on my sidebar.

  5. What a wonderful tour! I know what you mean about not being able to take pictures inside the homes. I certainly understand how a homeowner would feel but I do enjoy looking back over the beautiful rooms. All of the floral vases are beautiful!

  6. Hi Paula! What a beautiful tour! Gorgeous homes and more than gorgeous florals. We have a spring tour of historic homes here every spring and it’s always such a fun time for me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia 😉

  7. Ooh I love garden/home tours and I love Virginia. Such a gentle landscape– I love sweet peas too and grow them here despite our high heat. Thanks for taking us on the tour too

  8. Fun! I once participated in a garden-version of a tour of homes, in the Salt Lake City area. I loved it!

    Beautiful homes and grounds!

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