Touring Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

I had the pleasure of traveling to Newport, RI with my mom and cousin in early June.  I last visited Newport, RI in 2011 and on that trip I decided that one day I would take my mom there because I knew that she would love it.  We invited my cousin, Susan, on our trip as she’s a fellow old house lover and we knew that she would also enjoy the trip.

We started our adventure in Charlottesville at o-dark-thirty in the morning. Charlottesville, Virginia airport

After flying through Philadelphia, we were in Providence by mid-morning and then in Newport before lunch.  Our hotel room wasn’t ready, but the hotel kept our luggage so that we could have fun while waiting on our room.  After a yummy late breakfast at Annie’s located near our hotel and also near the Tennis Hall of Fame, we were off to walk around and to decide which mansion we would first tour. 

We decided to start with Chateau-sur-Mer, saving the larger mansions for the next few days of our vacation.

Touring Chateau-sur-Mer 

Chateau-sur-Mer is an Italianate style 1852 mansion built for William Shepard Wetmore who made his fortune in the American-China Trade.  Unlike most of the Newport mansion, this home was lived in year-round.Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

The grounds of Chateau-sur-Mer were lovely and we toured them while waiting for our inside tour time.  This is a garden house, perhaps used as a tea room located at the rear of the property.Grounds of Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

Newport blooms are way behind Virginia’s and we enjoyed seeing a second spring while vacationing there.  I love Iris and wish I had this color combination in my flower bed.Iris in Newport, RI

Poppies are another flower that I love and want to add to my landscape.  I think that they are deer proof which is a huge plus for my deer infested yard.Poppy in Newport, RI

Finally it was time for our tour to start.  This room filled with beautiful woodwork is where you check-in for the tour and where you can see photos of the Wetmores.Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

The marble hallway originally served as the house’s main entrance and is finished with a variety of different marble colors. It was closed off in 1920 by replacing the main door with a bay window. Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

I spent a lot of time on this tour admiring the ceilings.  This center hall ceiling really struck my fancy, I loved the colors and patterns combined with the dark wood.Ceiling at Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

The green room served as a ladies’ reception area and was designed in 1900.Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

This is the ballroom.  Can you picture ladies and gentlemen dressed to the nines having fun in this room?Tour Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

This shot shows the second and third floors.Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

This is the library, designed and built in Italy and then transported to Newport and installed in Chateau-sur-Mer.Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

To the right of this fireplace was a bookcase that was also a hidden door.  Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

This room also has a very ornate ceiling. Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

This is the dining room, another room that was designed and built in Italy and then transported to Newport and installed in Chateau-sur-Mer.  Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

This is the ceiling in the dining room.Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

I can’t imagine anyone designing and carving this furniture piece.  Nor can I imagine keeping it dusted!Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

Chateau-sur-Mer, like many of the Newport mansions, has beautiful stained glass windows to enjoy.  
Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

This is one of the Chateau-sur-Mer bedrooms.  I spent a lot of time in this home admiring the wallpaper.  A lady on the tour with me recommended Bradbury wallpaper to get a similar look.  Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

In this time period, gentlemen and ladies had separate bedrooms. Tour Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

Here we have a beautiful bedroom for the lady of the house.Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

Every wall and ceiling of this home was decorated.Bedroom at Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI


Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI

We really enjoyed touring Chateau-sur-Mer.  It was a great way to start our vacation!

I always enjoy reading about other people’s travels and I hope that you do as well.  We stayed in Newport Sunday through Thursday which gave us three full days to tour the mansions and to do the Cliff Walk.  We were able to tour eight of the nine homes that we wanted to see.  We also wanted to take a boat tour but it was too cold and we ran out of time.

For dinner Sunday night we ate at The Red Parrot Restaurant and we enjoyed it so much that we returned there later in the week for another meal.  I had lobster pizza which was super yummy!

I’ll share be sharing another Newport, RI trip recap tomorrow, so be sure to check back in to read about what we did on our first full day of vacation in Newport.

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Chateau-sur-Mer in Newport, RI



  1. We live pretty close to Newport and while I have toured many of the mansions through the years this is one I have not yet been through. I just love all the old history and learning about life in that era.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful, Paula! How fun to visit with your mom and cousin, too. I used to love visiting Newport and touring the mansions when I lived in the Northeast. Thanks for bringing me back to that time, and thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About!

  3. Hi Paula!
    I’m doing some catch-up on reading blog posts. You have some great pictures here! I can’t get over that ceiling with the cherub mural! It’s so interesting how the library was built in and then transported from Italy?! The lobster pizza sounds tasty! Thanks for sharing about your trip!
    >>> Kim

    1. I am glad that I took so many pictures on my Newport trip because the mansions are all so ornate and the details run together. Doing blog posts about the trip makes it easy for me to relive memories of my trip and to share it with others.


  4. Loved this post, too! Can’t imagine living like that, though! Your photography is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing.

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