What’s on Your Wall Wednesday

Barb at Grits and Glamour is sponsoring the first ever “What’s on Your Wall Wednesday”. I thought that it would be fun to participate in this “first ever” event. Be sure to check out Barb’s blog to see all of the other fun posts.

I became obsessed with antique fish platters and plates when I saw a number of them displayed at Basnight’s Lone Cedar Cafe located on the Outer Banks of NC. The restaurant had an unfortunate fire and I’m sure that all of those lovely platters and plates couldn’t have survived. The restaurant was rebuilt and I’ve yet to visit.

My collection of fish platters and plates are all ebay finds. I have all of them on display in my kitchen. I can’t explain why these plates and platters attract me. I don’t fish and have no interest in doing so. I just find the fish beautiful and I love the colors.

Let’s get started. These two platters are displayed on a small wall between my pantry door and hall door. The platter holder is from Southern Living at Home.

These three don’t match but I think they coordinate well enough. The platter on the left was my first ever fish platter purchase. You can see that my collection isn’t about perfection. The paint on the platter isn’t perfect, there’s some crazing, and the plates have small chips. That doesn’t bother me. I still like them!

This is the only true set that I own.

Another View:

This is my favorite one.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my collection!


  1. Paula, I really do love your collection. I really love when things do NOT match, so much more interesting. It is a unique and beautiful collection.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting, Paula. I’ve heard you talk about your fish platter collection before but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them. I LOVE platters of all kinds. I love this idea, too, so I’m off to Barb’s to check out the rest! thanks!

  3. What a fun and fishy collection! I love your arrangements! Thanks for sharing.

    Come on over and take a look at the collection I have gracing my walls. =)


  4. How interesting your fish plates are! I like that they’re not matched….it adds more character. Happy WOYWW!

  5. Very cute Paula.
    I’ve never seen anything like them before.

    We don’t live all that far from the Outer Banks. 🙂

  6. I love your collection! I like the fact that they are not all perfect, it adds character and interest! Very unique, thanks for sharing. Kathy

  7. Love your collection. We vacation at the Outer Banks every year, in Corolla. What town is that restaurant in?

  8. I have seen fish plates before and I agree they are truly beautiful.Thank you for sharing yours they are wonderful.Kathysue

  9. What a great collection of fish plate.
    My hubby and I hope to one day open a bed and breakfast. We are Lace and Lures and that is my my plan to serve on fish plates for the guy and rose plates for the girl.
    Beautiful collection.

  10. Hello Paula, Happy WOYWW, sorry I am late, you have a wonderful collecton of antique fish plates and platters, I love the colours in the plates. Kathy.

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