I love Amaryllis and treated myself to a new bulb at the beginning of December. This bulb took forever to bloom. We keep our house pretty cold (about 64 degrees), so maybe colder temperatures slowed down the growth. I’ve been patiently awaiting its bloom and I finally got my reward.


Wednesday: Ahhhh…Isn’t it beautiful?

I could stare at this for hours. This picture will be good to use at school for teaching the male and female parts of a flower.

I definitely got my $10 worth out of this bulb. Hopefully it will bloom again next year. Sometimes I can get them to rebloom and sometimes I can’t. My rebloomers usually do so in April.


  1. I had one that actually bloomed for several years in a row! In south Georgia, my mom’s neighbor had a row of them planted outside beside her fence…gorgeous!! Great pics…Debbie

  2. Paula,

    Love your amaryllis. One December the hubby & I each bought one and had a contest to see who’s would bloom first!! Ha Ha! We aren’t the competitive type are we?!!

    Love the fish platter also. The scalloped and detailed edgings are gorgeous! πŸ™‚


  3. Gorgeous! I don’t think it is your house because mine didn’t bloom until after the holidays and into January (and neither did the ones I gave to my MIL and my Mother). I love them so much and do some every year.

    BTW, love your new blog look!

  4. Beautiful! Red is my favorite color, does it smell good too? πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the info. on the restaurants at Outer Banks, maybe we’ll venture south for a day and check it out. I know there’s a lot more to do in Nag’s Head, Corolla is pretty quiet.

  5. Soooo pretty! This is the first year I have ever tried to grow them and mine still hasn’t bloomed! πŸ™ I guess I’ll have to stick with the silk variety. The leaves are huge, but no signs of a bloom coming up. Do you have any idea what I can do? I’m about to pitch it.

  6. Hi, Paula, your amaryllis is just gorgeous! I’ve got one blooming right now too. My neighbor shared a baby off her big plant & it’s been so fun to see it blooming. Mine just broke open this week too. Your flowers are fuller than mine. Thanks for stopping by & give that soup a try. It really is good.

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