What’s Your Damage?

Have you dared to step on the scales? I did yesterday and it wasn’t too bad, three and a half pounds. I can tell you what did it: scalloped potatoes, ham, mac and cheese, cinnamon buns, and cookies. I ate this diet for about four days with some added sausage egg casserole, fried oysters, and wine. I enjoyed every mouthful of those foods. I am one of those people who can’t diet. I like to eat too much. I’ll just exercise more and it will come off slowly but surely. I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in almost three weeks. The weights felt so heavy and I felt so weak. I know that my strength will come back quickly if I stick to my routine. I’m going to play tennis this week and maybe do a cycle class. I’m not making any new year’s resolutions about exercise. I’m just going to concentrate on getting back into good condition. I’d like to add a yoga class a week to my routine. I used to do that and it made me feel so good. I got out of the habit and haven’t made myself go back.

Anyone else have any exercise plans for the new year?


  1. I’m going to start moving slowly, Paula. I’m still so tired but need to get back into walking to get me ready for more intense exercise! I’m not telling (nor really even looking yet) about the scales!! egads.


  2. Hi Paula,
    Ok, here goes. 2009 will be the year I get rid of 50lbs, and back to the real me. I will start with daily exercise of some sort, weights, aerobics, stretching, walking; whatever I can fit in that day. Then later I will tweak the diet. I know making all the changes at once is too hard to keep up.

    I enjoy reading about your ‘energetic self’. You are an inspiration.

    Glad you had a good time in Vermont, and nice Christmas with your family.


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