Hurricane Irene Damage in VT

I’ve been in awe at the damage that Hurricane Irene caused in late August.  Nearly four months later, damage can be seen all over the area we are visiting.  I spent some time on YouTube today looking at videos of the flooding and frankly, I’m amazed at how quickly some of the areas have recovered.

The first damage that we observed on this trip was to the Taftsville bridge.  A nearby storeowner told us that it propane tanks barreling down the river hit it over and over.  I believe that he told us that the repairs won’t be complete until 2013.
Damaged Covered Bridge3Damaged Covered Bridge4

The Quechee bridge next to Simon Pierce really took a beating.  It’s so sad to see these old bridges so badly damaged.  It’s also a hardship for the residents as the roads that they are on are closed.
Damaged Covered Bridge1Damaged Covered Bridge2

Driving from Woodstock to Okemo, we saw many properties damaged or destroyed by the raging water.   This small stream looks like it couldn’t damage a thing, right?


Look at the damage to a house built on its banks.

It’s a wonder it didn’t wash away.

Here it is from the other side.  Note how close it’s built to the road.


Another damaged house:

You can see where the water rushed down the mountain cutting a path through the trees.  A babbling brook must have been a raging river.

The babbling brook flowing from the mountain created this mess and destroyed this family’s farm and house.

A little farther down the road we saw this trailer that looks like it was tossed off of its foundation by the water.            

The water appeared to have gone right through this building.  It’s a wonder it is still standing.

I feel so sorry for these people who have lost so much, some nearly everything.  It’s hard not to feel a bit guilty for being here to have a good time but then seeing this terrible damage.  But then again, we are stimulating the economy by vacationing here, so that’s a good thing!


  1. Oh my goodness, what devastation…All of those beautiful old bridges and buildings. I’m thankful the bridges were at least saved and can be rebuilt. Hopefully the families/owners of the other properties will be able to rebuild and restore as well.

  2. That is heartbreaking. I remember seeing those bridges being destroyed on the news. It broke my heart! I’ve never been to Vermont, but I’ve always wanted to go and those bridges are part of the reason.

  3. Floods are so devastating. We weathered a terrible one a few years ago, and our little town is still recovering. What you are doing (visiting and stimulating the economy) is so helpful!

  4. I live not far from the Outer Banks which got hit pretty hard as well. We see lots of news footage and updates on recovery, but we forget that Irene kept on keeping on for miles beyond us. The messages nailed to the sides of houses and barns let us know the owners still have enough strength left to fight back.

  5. My dear friend Carla lost her beautiful vacation home there. Completely washed away…many treasures gone…forever…it’s people and friendships that last!
    Merry Christmas…

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