After Christmas Craftiness

I got crafty the other night and glittered some pine cones. I didn’t have any fancy glitter, so I used some that I’ve had for a long, long time. Like 1991 old. You can see in the close-up picture that glitter is much finer and nicer now-a-days. This nasty old cookie sheet will now be for crafts only. I’m so glad to have an excuse to get it out of my cabinet.

I bought this neat birch cone at a local shop. It was so cute that I had to buy one for Mama, too. I put the glitter pine cones in and added a silver bow. I think that this will be a pretty arrangement for my screened porch for winter.


  1. Oh I love the birch cone! It looks like the perfect winter arrangement. I was looking at a few of my things this weekend as I was slowly packing up my holiday decorations. I really would like to do something different for a few months in my dining room and around my house, that reflects winter. Your birch cone and glittered pinecones look gorgous.

  2. Hi Paula,
    This sure turned out really nice. Love the glittery silver and the bow.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.
    Beautiful photos!
    Have a great week and thanks for visiting.
    ~Melissa 🙂

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