2012 OBX Charity Classic

We spent three wonderful days this past weekend participating in the OBX Charity Classic, a tennis tournament that benefits hospice.  I played with Elsie, Mr. SP played with Keith, and Nicole played with Terri.  Lynchburg was well represented with six players.

Play for us started on Friday morning at Westside.  I loved the festive fall decorations.

Mr. SP and Keith were first to play from our group.

Nicole, Terri, Elsie, and I were able to watch most of their match before it was time for us to play.  Later on we found out that they won!

Elsie and I played a tough team for our first match.  We lost the first set, won the second set, and lost the 3rd set tie-breaker 11-13.  Losing the first match moved us from the A (winner) to the B (loser) bracket.

After an hour break, we played our first B bracket match and won.

Terri and Nicole easily won their first match.  We played at the same time, so I didn’t get any pictures.  Their second match was also a success!

Friday night we all went to dinner at Tortugas Lie.  Yum is all I have to say about that!

Mr. SP and Keith had an early morning match on Saturday and easily won.  They work well together on the court and are a lot of fun to watch.

After their match, Elsie and I took a walk on the beach. 

The water was surprisingly warm and it was nice to get my toes wet one more time for the year.

Terri, Nicole, Elsie, and I were all scheduled to play Saturday afternoon at Westside but plans changed when rain moved into the area.  After a quick drive to Pine Island, play resumed.

Nicole and Terri were on court 3 battling it out with the two players that defeated Elsie and I in our first match.  They won in a 3rd set tie-breaker, sending them to the finals for the 7.0 division.

Elsie and I were on court 2 playing against two super nice locals.  They won the first set, we won the second set and also the 3rd set tie-breaker, sending us to the finals for the B bracket 7.0 division.

Mr. SP and Keith played after us and lost to two tough opponents.  This lost sent them to the finals for third place in the 7.5+ division.

Saturday night we had a delicious dinner at Outer Banks Brewing Station.  Every time I go there I get the portabella press sandwich with wasabi mashed potatoes.  It was delicious, as usual.

Beautiful weather was back for the last day of play, this time at Duck Country Club.  The club was all decked out for fall. 

Grasses and gourds in planters on either side of the main door make a lovely combination.

Mr. SP and Keith ended up not playing on Sunday because one of their opponents hurt his calf muscle the previous day.  Scheduled play was a bit behind so we had plenty of time to enjoy the nice weather and watch a few matches.

Soon it was time for Elsie and I to compete for the winning spot in the 7.0 B bracket.

We won in straight sets!  Our prizes included a tournament towel and a lunch bag.

Next up was Terri and Nicole for the top prize in the 7.0 division.  The points were long and the competition was tough.

Terri and Nicole’s opponents, Ann and Amy, were tough!  They got to nearly every ball and did something with it.  It was fun to watch how well they moved together on the court and to notice their excellent communication skills.

It was a tough battle, but Nicole and Terri lost in straight sets. 

What a great weekend!  It was great to get out of town with a fun bunch of friends.  As always, I’m already looking forward to the next time I can visit the OBX.

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  1. Paula, I love the way y’all integrate the sports you love into your real life. This weekend looks like it was tons of fun for you and your friends. Congrats on winning your bracket! 🙂

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