Vintage Football Man Visits the Antique Road Show

Suzanne, my friend and number one running partner, were discussing antiques on a recent run and she told me that she planned to take a painted blanket chest that she bought in Charleston to Ken Farmer in Radford to see if it may be valuable.  If you haven’t heard of Ken Farmer, he owns an auction business and he is a guest appraiser on the Antique Road Show.  Suzanne also took my vintage football man recently seen as a part of my vintage football mantel to Radford to see if he may be valuable.
Vintage Football Player

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Ken Farmer reported that football man was a 1930’s Japanese celluloid toy.  I always thought that my grandfather had this toy as a boy, but apparently he received it as a grown man.  Granddaddy graduated from Roanoke College in 1931 and then taught at William Byrd high school and I think coached football.  Perhaps a player or a parent gave him this toy.
Ken Farmer

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Ken Farmer said that football man has very little monetary value.

I searched eBay and found that most Japanese celluloid toys go for about $10.  A Google search revealed this football man who sold for $77.  I’d never sell him, but I wonder how much football man would go for on eBay?

Regardless of value, football man is a key part of my mantel and I love him because he belonged to my grandfather.
Vintage Theme Football Manetel1Vintage Theme Football Manetel2

Ken Farmer does free appraisals one time per month in Radford. Suzanne plans to go back. I’m thinking about what I’ll send next time.  What would you take if you could visit Ken Farmer?



  1. I finally get to use my Labor Day holiday today. Enjoying a relaxing morning, drinking my coffee as I watch the 1st season of Gilmore Girls then I get on the computer and what do I see?? Sweet Pea has a vintage football mantel!! I love it. My brother had a football game just like the one on your mantel wall and I absolutely love that helmet. Was that your grandfather’s too? Great post!

  2. Well he’s a cute little fellow, and his sentimental value is what is important! I love your football mantel! 🙂

  3. Wow what a great opportunity! His sentimental value is definitely more important. I would probably bring some of my great grandmother’s jewelry.

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