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25 Beautiful DIY Front Door Summer Wreaths

Greet your friends and family with one of these beautiful DIY front door summer wreaths. I’ve gathered 25 easy to make ideas to inspire you.

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25 Beautiful DIY Front Door Summer Wreaths

Update your front door for summer with a stunning handmade front door summer wreath. There are ideas for just about every style, including farmhouse, modern, classic and more!

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  1. Lots of pretties! I struggle with finding seasonal wreaths for my front door. We have a storm door constructed with a screen on the outside which makes it impossible to hang the wreath on the outside. I did that once and now have a couple tears in the screen. So now I look for flat wreaths that fit between the doors.

    1. I have that same problem on our kitchen door that leads to the deck. That door is bare and making a flat wreath for it is on my “to-do” list.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I am in the process of decorating a large front porch and need ideas for a wreath. I am loving that basket one!

  3. Paula! Thank you for sharing. I love all the wreaths, but especially the easy patriotic wreath and the tire one! With love, Sue

  4. So glad to hear you’re doing well so far. Take it easy though as the fatigue usually gets worse towards the end of and after the radiation ( sorry to be a downer) but it does go away.
    Also / best thing we found for taste changes- get plastic cutlery and avoid anything packaged in tins. Made a big difference for my husband while he was having radiation.
    Prayers for good results and good health.
    Stay safe

  5. Love the tire swing. What kind of tire is it? I did not have radiation but chemo and had I had same problems. Food did not taste good. The best thing I found to help was Carnation Breakfast. Sometimes it was the only thing I could get down. Sending Prayers and Good Thoughts.

  6. So pleased to see things are going well for you. Will continue praying for you, your family, and your healing. 😎
    Paula, the selection of wreaths is amazing, especially for a wreath collector like me. I put a wreath on the front and back doors. Thank you so much.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Hi Paula! Wonderful colletion of beautiful wreaths! The watermelon one was epexially cute I thought. Have a good day!

  8. Paula … these are all amazing wreaths … I’m completely in love eight the first basket with peonies and the lemon wreath. Lots of great examples … I’d better get going with one of them as my front door is currently bare. Uh oh! xo

  9. I’m loving everyone of these wreaths! Thanks for sharing, I was actually just thinking of what front door wreath I wanted this summer.

  10. So many gorgeous ideas! I love all the fresh spring and summer colors. Now I’m motivated to update my front door decor! Pinned!

  11. I’ve had the supplies to make a flower pot wreath for weeks…I’ll eventually get to it!! You found so many pretty ones…I need more doors!!
    Hope everything is going well…I think of you often and send you good juju❤️

  12. These wreaths are all so pretty!!! I love them all yet my favorite is the one with the little terra cotta pots. This post makes me want to get out my supplies and start crafting a new Spring wreath!!!

  13. What a great round up of summer wreaths! I especially love your patriotic bandana wreath. I’m going to check the Dollar Tree for bandanas! Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Sending hugs and prayers, my friend!

  14. These are all so pretty and I am a baset lover so I have to pick the basket hanging with pretty pink. The tire is really different and grabbed my attention too.

    I’m in the process of making a wreath for our front door.

    My mom had the same problem with radiation and chemo. Never having gone through it personally I have no answers to offer but it stinks. I’ll keep praying and praying hard for you!


  15. So good to hear from you Paula. Glad you are tolerating treatment. You said you were going to lose your hair. Have you ever see a Paula Young wig catalog ? Reasonable priced and pretty.
    What an assortment of creative wreaths.

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