April Supper Club

Saturday night was April Supper Club! This month’s theme was Mexican. The host had mercy on me because she knew that I’d be busy with my birthday luncheon (see post) and asked me to bring taco toppings. (Thanks, Beth!) We had enchiladas, tacos, and Mexican rice. Since final four basketball was on, everyone pretty much ate in front of the tv.

Three or more Margaritas later, the girls decided that it would be a great idea to pull out the Karyoke machine. Elsie, Julie, and I had a blast! Elsie and Julie can really sing, I made sure that the mike was not close to me. I can’t sing and I know it. After karyoke, it was on to Rock Band? on xbox. Man, when you don’t have kids you miss out on all the good toys!

The hosts just moved into a new house and it is perfect for entertaining. The basement has a full kitchen with a bar. It has two flat screen tvs mounted to the wall in different locations. That was great. You could see the game from any place in the room.

It was a fun, fun evening.

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