Super Bowl

What are you doing for the Super Bowl? Do you look forward to it and enjoy it? Our supper club is having a Super Bowl party tonight. I am looking forward to the food and the socialization, but I don’t care one thing about the game. I guess I’ll root for the Cardinals since they are the underdog. I would rather stay home tonight and watch what I want to watch on tv and send Mr. SP to watch the game at someone else’s house. I’m kind of a fuddy duddy and hate staying out late on a work night. On a positive note, Mr. SP says that I have good numbers in one of those things where you pay money and put your name in a square. He picked the square, paid the money, and wrote my name down. If I win anything, he’s really the winner.

Here’s what I’m taking for Supper Club:

My good friend from Michigan sent a Southern Living cookbook to me, “Our Best Five-Star Recipes.” The recipe is from the book. Thanks to Miss Char for a new to me cookbook! It looks so pretty on the platter and I think that it will be a hit tonight.

I also made “Mr. Goodbars” from a recipe shared by my good friend,Suzanne, at Southern Inspirations. She also shared a great sounding appetizer. Check out her blog and read all about it. I copied her appetizer idea for another time.

My picture should enlarge if you click on it. I’ll be glad to type the recipe for Marinated Cheese if anyone wants a copy of it. Wouldn’t it be pretty for Christmas with the red and green topping?

Enjoy the game tonight!


  1. Paula, I’m not into the game either. I don’t know who’s playing.

    The appetizer looks very yummy. I’m sure it will be a huge hit.


  2. Paula, I hope you liked the Mr. Goodbars. I like them because the recipe is so to remember! And they are good! And the marinated cheese is a fav, too. I make that every year for my holiday open house. I agree it is a pretty holiday dish with the red and green! Hope you had fun!!!


  3. Paula,

    I am completely with you on football, Yuk! But I do love a rowdy party-all the men punching the air in one room and all the gals eating appetizers and gossiping in another room. I am going to have to have some recipe cards ready when I visit your blog, everything looks so yummy.

    Hope you had a good time at the Supper Club Party! 🙂


  4. Um, your game night sounds WAY better than mine. I stayed home with two coughing, hacking, whiny girls while T went up to his brother’s to watch the game. I missed a whole hour of it while I put them to bed, and then fell asleep for a few minutes on the couch. Last night’s episode of The Office was the highlight of the night for me. 😉

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