Berm and Deck Plantings

There are so many yard projects to do around here that it’s hard to decide where to start.  I purchased plant material for the berm in our front yard and for the bed beside our deck and we were able to get the planting completed in these two areas this weekend.  Finding the plants to use is almost as hard as the planting.

The berm ended up being a challenge because it was formed by piling clay from the driveway excavation on top of an existing bed.  The clay stayed wet from the snow that we had this winter and I believe that when it got its final shaping, machinery must have been driven over it because it formed a compressed foot deep layer on top of our old bed that was nearly impossible to dig through.   We ended up putting the worst of the clay clumps into a wheelbarrow as we dug each hole.  The clay that we dug out was piled in an area of our yard behind a retaining wall that needed to be filled in with soil.  This area won’t ever be planted, so the nasty, hard as a rock clay won’t be a problem there.  As we dug each hole for the shrubs to be planted on the berm, we amended the usable soil and then planted each plant.  The bermed bed required 40 holes to be dug, so this was a laborious project, but a rewarding one.


When I look at the pictures, it doesn’t seem like this project should have been so much work or should have taken so long! 


We’ve been watering the newly planted grass and hope to see our first sprout soon.  It’s been a hot and dry week.


I will add more to the deck planting as time goes on, but at least there’s something planted there for now and the area is mulched.  I bought three Sweetspire but only ended up using two.  The Vibernum was already there and you can see that it suffered a bit through the construction.  I gave it some fertilizer and I hope that it will perk up soon.


My friend gave me this Liriope and my plan is to border the sidewalks with it.  I’ll have to tackle that project one day after work because today I’m off to visit my sweet Mama.  We are going to work on packing her basement, focusing on emptying and packing my brother’s room.  I am looking forward to spending the day with her.


Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Oh man!! I know about digging through clay. Lots of clay in Georgia. Thankfully, because my yard has so much shade, most of it is not so hard. But there are a few spots. I commend you for sticking with it and getting all of that done in one day. In case you need to do it again, a good thing to do is soak the area really well for a day or two before you need to dig.

    Everything is looking great!! So exciting.

    Happy Mother’s Day to your sweet Mother!!

  2. Oh Paula! We had never seen clay soil before moving South- what a learning experience! Who ever heard of using a jackhammer to plant some bulbs?? It’s looking great- will be beautiful before you know it
    xoxo Pattie

  3. It looks great!!! I don’t envy the digging though. Hope you had fun with your mom. 🙂

  4. You guys are as busy as bees! Everything is shaping up nicely. If the wind would stop blowing, and we could get a little rain, your plantings would really prosper. Have a happy mom’s day with your mom.

  5. It really does look great Paula. Your whole drive project has added so much to your home. Way to go on the curb appeal!


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