Container Gardening with Monrovia Plants

Container Gardening with Monrovia Plants.

This past weekend I had one goal, to make my deck and patio look nice for summer.  I’m really late planting my containers this year, but I did manage to get them all planted before May was over.  The fun part of getting my deck and patio looking nice for summer was selecting plants for the containers.  I headed to Lowe’s where I found several varieties of Monrovia plants that I selected.

Monrovia brand plants are available at local garden centers and Lowe’s home centers across the country.

After filling my cart with plants, I couldn’t wait to get started on making my outdoor spaces look nice for summer.

Shopping for Monrovia Plants at Lowe's in Lynchburg, VA


After my deck was cleaned and stained, the windows and doors washed, and the Adirondack chairs were given a fresh coat of paint, I was ready to plant my containers.

For the two urns that flank our kitchen door, I chose Monrovia’s Kingswood Torch Coleus, Goldilocks Creeping Jenny, and Starburst Caladium.  (Click over to learn more about these plants.)



Don’t these look beautiful in my urns?  They will quickly fill out and then look even better.

Monrovia plants planted in a gorgeous urn from Balsam Hill.


For the two window boxes that hang on the deck I chose Monrovia’s Minifamous Compact Colibrachoa in white and a dark red, and two Sidekick Sweet Potato Vines in a dark and light variety.

Monrovia plants purchased for deck planters


Soon the Colibrachoa and Sweet Potato Vines will cascade down the front and sides of each planter.



I chose these plants based on prior experience growing them.  They perform beautifully and are good at taking the heat.  Baskets with coco fiber liners dry out quickly in Virginia’s hot sun, so I must remember to water these every evening.

A tip that works for me when I know that I won’t be around to water is to fill two wine bottles with water and insert the mouth of each bottle into the soil.  The water will slowly leak out keeping my plants happy when it is hot.

Monrovia plants in window box planters used on my deck.

Having pretty containers is important to me as they give me pleasure on a daily basis until fall when I switch the plants out for pansies.

If you haven’t planted your containers and aren’t sure what to buy for your planting zone, click over to the Monrovia site where there’s a plant library to browse.  I plan to use this for inspiration for future plantings.

I’m so happy that my outdoor spaces are ready to be used and I predict that we’ll spend many hours enjoying these spaces this summer.


    1. Thanks, Richella! One Lowe’s in my town has a lot of that brand and the other has hardly any at all. It’s kind of odd!


  1. You did such a beautiful job with your containers! Sometimes I have the hardest time putting together a container of flowers. It just looks off sometimes. But I love the colors and variety of plants that you picked!

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